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Adaptation aftereffects to facial expressions suppressed (Article Sample)

The paper is actually an article review paper. I will upload the article and here are the specific instructions... Contents should be included Purpose of the research: Brief description of the Big Question, and the focusing questions the research paper investigates. Methods and Rationale: What kind of method the research use to answer the question the paper addressed. Rationale describes the logic of the experiments, which can provide predictions for the results of experiments. Results: What is the discovery the research made? Your Comments (Most Important) Do you think the research provides the answer for the question it addressed? Do you think they use the right methods? Do you think the rationale the researchers made is correct? Do you have a better idea to investigate the same question? Etc.. source..

Title: Adaptation aftereffects to facial expression suppressed
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Purpose of the research
The main purpose of this research paper is to examine the neural events that often give rise to face perception. Face processing does not always take place outside of awareness because gender-specific and identity differences face aftereffects, can`t be induced when the adapting face is rendered invisible perceptually via interocular suppression (Yang et al. 2010). Therefore the question to be addressed by the paper is to investigate whether the adaptation aftereffects specific to particular facial expression could occur under a continuous flash suppression (CFS).
Methods and Rationale used to answer the question the paper addresses
The method that was used to find answers to the question was through carrying out of experiments whereby the participants were asked whether the adaptation to an image of an emotional face that has been suppressed from awareness has the ability to influence emotional expression judgments of tests faces that are visible perceptually. Finally the strength of the experiment was measured under various conditions such as where the adapting face was often visible perceptually to viewers and also under conditions where the adapting face was continuously suppressed from awareness through the use of continuous flush suppression. In addition to that, some conditions such as the use of adapting stimulus which was replaced with a blank field so as to provide the baseline measures against which to key facial expression aftereffect strength (FEAs). From the experiment it was possible to make judgments because the observers could make their judgments on the test face expression chosen from a wide range of morphs between two facial expressions.
From the experiment it was established that the strength of facial expression aftereffects (FEAs) are often strongly controlled by viewers` awareness and attention during the face adaptation thus providing little evidence for the pre-attentive involvement and sub-cortical processing of the visual effective stimuli. Though the methods used ...
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