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Commercial Grity Farm Labor Issues (Article Sample)


1 page APA syle and format, First paragraph should address the chosen subject (troduction). Second paragraph should address the en article and possible relationship/ramification for the chosen ect. Third paragraph should address the writer's reactioopion concerninmifications for the current workplace

Commercial Grity Farm Labor Issues
Course title:
Commercial Grity Farm Labor Issues
Agricultural work is generally hard work. To feed the entire United States, roughly 2 to 3 million farm workers labor in the fields throughout the country, and this includes handpicking most of the vegetable and fruit crops produced in the country. In lots of instances, these farm workers are children or young adults. In all cases nonetheless, farm workers are kept away from vital national labor protections which other workers have. The role of farm workers is a very significant job; however, it is also one of the least amply compensated and most dangerous.
For the farm workers’ difficult job, on average, their earning is between $17,500 – $19,999 for families per year and $12,500 – $14,999 for individuals (Redmon, 2014). Moreover, workers working on the farm are some of the oppressed employees in the United States. Their demanding labor could subject them to health problems that result from workplace abuse, deplorable housing conditions, and exposure to pesticide, among many other issues. This is a major paradox of America’s food system since the very workers who labor to feed people of the United States are struggling to feed their own families (Redmon, 2014). Factory farm workers who labor to raise and slaughter billions of animals for human consumptions annually are usually exposed to various harmful gases as well as particulate matter. Moreover, they suffer from recurring stress injuries. This leads to various health effects including respiratory disorders, chronic pains and aches, cardiovascular complications, as well as untimely death (Redmon, 2014).
Most farm workers are motivated by the desire of supporting their families, thus they decide to keep working in deplorable conditions which pose grave health risks, both long-term and short-term. The fact that farm workers have to compromise their physical health so as to attain fiscal security is essentially an indictment of not only the ethics of the industry, but also of the priorities of national and state labor agencies. Farm workers sh...
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