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Understanding the Emotional Needs of Children Who Are Blind (Article Sample)

Hello, I will attach an article and I want you to summarize the article in one page cover page is needed but please attach the reference page with APA format Thank you source..

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Understanding the Emotional Needs of Children Who Are Blind
According to study by Trevarthen & Aitken (2001) it is clear that the emotional development of young children who are not able to see (blind) is actually at risk because of various reasons, this includes the hindrance of the child to share and respond to others which is the major reason that affects the child`s early social experience.
There were two kinds of research conducted to find ways in which blindness do affect the mother-child relationship. The two cases were chosen because of their contradiction. Within these two cases, there were highlighting the characteristics of maternal use and the availability of personal references. The first case involved Matt and his mother, where the mother made comments occasionally on Matt and what he was exactly doing. The following were some of the attributes found: sensitivi...
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