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A Critique of Ethan Gilsdorf's Why We Need Violent Games (Article Critique Sample)


A full critique should contain the following: FONT SIZE: 12 TIME NEW ROMAN AND DOUBLE SPACE
An introduction highlighting background information, important information about the source, the author's thesis, and your thesis statement.
A summary of the selection, which is the summary of the article
An evaluation of the argument/paper for accuracy, clarity, logic and/or fairness (possibly using the logical fallacies, but never directly naming the fallacies in your paper).
A statement of your agreement and/or disagreement wiith the author.
A conclusion that will close the contents of the paper.
1. Ethan Gilsdorf, "Why We Need Violent Games." WBUR 90.9, Boston's NPR News Station. 13 Jan. 2013. Radio.


A Critique of Ethan Gilsdorf's "Why We Need Violent Games"
Ethan Gilsdorf this article argues that video games are harmless forms of entertainment and they should not be connected to heinous acts committed by some individuals under the pretext that video games awakened their aggression and led them to do a mass shooting. According to the author, mass shootings is just a manifestation of other underlying problems consuming many people within the society. The problem is a multifaceted phenomenon that cannot and should not be attributed to video games. The author points out several reasons why video games violence does not lead to aggression. In fact, he argues they are therapeutic and most young people direct their angers to characters in these games thus releasing them in a harmless way. As per the Gilsdorf, video games do not encourage violence, rather they help subdue the skewed imaginative plans birthed in the brains of some individuals and spend on imaginative fantasies rather than acting them in real life.
The author's perspective on the issue is fairly accurate. The arguments put forward for excluding video games from debates related to gun ownership and mass shootings are valid. For some people, experiences shape the decision-making process and often are manifested in the real world CITATION Edd15 \l 1033 (Comeaux, 2015). However, in the case with video games, there is not logica

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