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Course Eco 10: Microeconomics, Economic Law Applied In The Transaction (Essay Sample)


Spring 2017 
Course Eco 10: Microeconomics 
Essay Homework [Due Date: Apr 20 (Thurs)] 
ID #:______________________ Student Name:______________________ 
Mike and Abdul go to Walt Whitman High School. Mike has 20 comic books and no game, while Abdul has no comic book and 10 games. Mike is boring of reading comic books, and Abdul is boring of playing games. In school, Mike and Abdul reach agreement that they trade some of their stuffs each other. 6 comic books of Mike are traded for 3 games of Abdul. They are now much happier than before, because they both read and play. 
Question: Write down 2-3 pages of essay that includes the answers for the following contents. 
1) Which economic law is applied for this transaction (trade)? 
2) What is the new commodity bundle for Mike and Abdul after trade? 
3) What is the opportunity cost for Mike to obtain 3 games measured by Mike's comic books? 
4) Do you think Mike's old (before transaction) and new (after transaction) commodity bundle are on the same indifference curve? Say yes or no and explain why by drawing the graph (by putting games in the Y-axis and comic books in the X-axis).


Economics Case Study Analysis
* Economic Law applied in the transaction
In this particular case study, barter trade was the law that was used in the process of making this transaction a success. Barter trade refers to the exchange of goods and services by parties that are involved. Parties that are involved in this business are Mike and Abdul while products that are being exchanged include games and books (Milani, 2009). Mike has a total of 20 comic books but lacks games that can be played to make him happy. On the other hand, Abdul has 10 games but there are no comic books to be read on his part. In this case therefore, there is a de

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