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Americans Are Two Powerhouses When It Comes To Gaming (Essay Sample)


This essay should be related to subculture (I chose the video game). It includes two interview, one for Chinese roommate one for American roommate. You can make interview up, a fake one.
Start writing from this aspect: one is the importance of playing video games together, and its benefits. Compare this between Chinese and American.
The second aspect is, the importance of watching webcast with friends (gaming webcast), when watching, people will have conversation and interact. Or conversation by online phone call. And how this improves the friendship, relationship between people. Compare how American is different than Chinese. The rest part is on your play, the things that I talked should be included.
American like to play video game, Chinese like to play online game on computer. The way how Chinese and American interact with friends is different, a little bit about how important is the video game (enhance the relationship).


Professor's Name:
Video Game
It is no secret that the Chinese and the Americans are two powerhouses when it comes to gaming. Every year, the gaming world gets introduced to new games which is often good news to a significant portion of the populace in China and the US. Currently, these two countries account for more than half of the world's gaming market and this number is expected to grow in the future. Gaming companies in both nations are indeed profitable and currently make more than $25 billion yearly. Initially, China's gaming market was thin and not as profitable as the US but gradually, the gaming companies there have been able to revamp and turn the tide. Conversely, in the US, gaming was already widely accepted and had a solid market even in the 90s. However, currently, reports suggest that the gamers in China are more than the entire US population which is indicative of the progress the gaming world has made in China. Despite their similarities, both countries often showcase significant differences especially when it comes to things life demographics, where the gaming is often done, as well as mobile gaming. These differences are indeed significant and help one to understand the underlying facts about each country's love for gaming. In my quest to understand both country's gaming culture, I interviewed two of my friends who spend the better part of their days gaming. One of them is from China, and our conversation was as follows:
Note: Chang is not his real name.
Me: Hi Chang
Chang: Hey how're you?
Me: Am good. By the way, I've noticed that you spend a lot of time gaming…
Chang: Are you kidding? My life is all about gaming (Bursts out laughing).
Me: So when did you discover your

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