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Performing Job Analysis: Qualifications, Duties, Results (Article Critique Sample)


Read the SHRM article Performing Job Analysis. Use the article to describe any two uses for job analysis within an organization (why it is done). Then contrast two job analysis methods and their benefits (how they are done).
Speculate on at least one limitation or downside of each method. Include at least one citation and reference in your initial post and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts


Job analysis
Job analysis is the process used to collect information about the necessary qualifications, duties, the end results, working conditions and the responsibilities that come with the job. The main purpose of conducting a job analysis is to come up with a job description (Fine & Getkate, 2014). Training and development and performance management are some of the many uses of job analysis in an organization. A process of analyzing duties, tasks and reviewing job responsibilities of current employees will make HR and management to understand what every employee exactly does, the jobs that need to be moved to other departments and even unfinished projects within the organization. This will, in turn, help the HR to monitor every employee's and even the whole organization's performance levels. Also, training of employees will be narrowed down to their specific tasks and responsibilities which will h...
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