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Industrial Management Unit VIII Final (Article Critique Sample)


Course: Team building & Leadership. 
Author: Dyer, G. W., Jr, Dyer, J. H., & Dyer, W. G. (2013). Team building: Proven strategies for improving team performance. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Note: Part I, II, III, and IV of this Article Critique should be followed precisely.
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Article Critique
Article Critique
Gottfredson, R. K. (2015). How to get your teams to work. Industrial Management, 57(4), 25-30.
Ryan Gottfredson article How to get your Teams to Work discusses the challenges that teams face even with their prevalence. Gottfredson declares that organizations need to have their teams recognize their purpose, as well as structure in order to be successful. Further, a good incentive plan is required to assist managers in leading and motivating their teams to become better. Gottfredson article aims to show team leaders how to be successful through identifying type of teams, the type of performance they need to measure, how this performance should be measured, and how the performance should be compensated.
Gottfredson declares that research indicates that teams fail to deliver their objectives 60 percent of the time. He feels that team leaders should be given a framework that offers them a successful method of leading teams. First, identifying the type of team remains crucial through the parameters of purpose and structure. Gottfredson states that the purpose of a team is based on speed and accuracy. For example, a team that is told to accomplish a duty fast may not be keen on accuracy and vice versa. This forces leaders to prioritize the goals of the team using the right measurements, as well as incentives. In terms of structure, this is interdependence of teams or the degree to which group members rely on each other in order to accomplish their goals. Teams have members that depend on each other minimally (low interdependence) to reach their objectives and those that rely heavily on each other (high interdependence) when completing tasks. Gottfredson says that team leaders need to conduct performance measurements to see the right type of structure their team requires.
Gottfredson claims that proper alignment in terms of purpose and structure is necessary. For example, in a game athletics, individual team members seek personal gains over their team’s needs because that is their purpose. However, in basketball, players have to work together to ensure the success of a team. Since the type of team has been identified, team leaders then need to make use of performance measurement and incentives to ensure proper alignment of the team’s interests. Measuring a team’s performance allows team members to work towards the success of the team. Managers ought to complete these measurements with systems such as peer reviews to get comprehensive results. Finally, Gottfredson encourages monetary rewards based on performance to ensure that teams remain motivated to work. Reward for high performance is crucial because it makes teams feel appreciated, and they get to work more for future rewards.
Review and Evaluation
Ryan Gottfredson is a researcher and assistant professor at the California State University. He has used appropriate methods and ample examples of teams such as basketball and athletes players to show how teams operate. These examples provide accurate evidence on how organize teams work and how they can be improved. Gottfredson interpretation of evidence and fact led readers to his own conclusion because of the real-life experiences he provided. He built a logical argument that focuses on identifying the purpose of the team, structure, measure performance, offer incentives, and get improved performance (Zaccaro, Rittman & Marks, 2002). This means the author was successful in passing his point to the readers through a coherent and concise discussion.
I agree with the author that team leaders need to define clearly the purpose and even the structure of a team. This is because teams with a purpose, they work towards achieving their goal and this enhances performance. I learned about a f...
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