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how university education plays a role in increasing employment chances (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Academic writers compose annotated bibliographies for many reasons. For this assignment, in particular, your aim will be to read, summarize, and briefly evaluate the academic sources you will use to position yourself within a scholarly conversation and develop your final research paper for the course. What follows are some guidelines for completing this assignment.

Part I: Creating a Research Space

Compose a paragraph that offers some context for the annotations you include. Specifically, it should help me as a reader understand 1) the problem and question that are guiding your research; and 2) how you are working to position your study within a scholarly conversation.

Part II: Composing Annotations

Annotated bibliographies typically consist of two parts: 1) citations that you expect to include in your final document, and 2) a concise paragraph (150-200 words) that accurately summarizes and makes a move to evaluate each source you have cited. For this assignment, you are required to compose 5-7 annotations that will add to the scholarly conversation you are looking to join based on your research.

Specific Requirements

Your completed assignment should:

  • Include 5-7 single-spaced annotations;
  • Create a research space for the annotations;
  • Be written in a clear, precise, and engaging prose style;
  • Use 12 point Times New Roman or Garamond typeface;
  • Use a recognizable citation style (e.g., MLA or APA);
  • Be uploaded to Canvas as a Word document by the deadline (consult your course syllabus and schedule for details).

 The work you complete for your annotated bibliography will serve as a direct foundation for your final research project. In this way, it should help you further define your scholarly conversation and the specific contribution you would like to make to it by the conclusion of the 






Annotated Bibliography

Baum, Sandy and Kathleen Payea. "Education Pays 2004: The Benefits of Higher Education." Trends in Higher Education Series. 2005. Document.
This article was obtained from the College Board and is authored by Baum Sandy and Kathleen Payea. The article contains education data and facts from as early as 1940 to 2004. It highlights the various benefits of higher education in comparison to high school education. The article provides comprehensive data and facts on how university education plays a crucial role in increasing employment chances, reducing poverty and promoting better health practices.
I will use this information to explain various benefits of college education referring to the huge amount of data provided in the article. Also, the information will help in doing a comparison between the trends of different years, which will help in making key inferences. The credibility of this source is not questionable since it has been obtained from the College Board, a highly reputable organization in the field of education. Also, the authors of the articles have vast experience in the field of higher education.

Baum, Sandy, Jennifer, Ma and Kathleen Payea. "Education Pays 2013: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society." Trends in Higher Education Series. 2013. Document.
The article is also from the College Board. The article is written by three authors, Baum Sandy, Jennifer Ma, and Kathleen Payea. It contains education data and facts for several years up to 2012. The authors have gathered information on how higher education benefits both the individual and their respective countries. Just like the first article, there is a vast amount of education data and facts showing the impact of a bachelor's degree compared to the other forms of education. The authors have used different criteria to emphasize the importance of college education. For instance, they have utilized employability, poverty, health, and participation in national activities as the major criteria to gauge the significance of university education.

I will use the information from the article to compare different levels of education and their benefits to the individual students. Since the article contains information from different years, it will help to determine any notable changes in trends between different years. Just like the first article, this source is credible because it has been obtained from the College Board and the authors have vast exposure and experience in higher education.
Biswas, Asit, and Kirchherr, Julian. "Is a college degree worth it? Interventions are needed to enhance the practical relevance of higher education." (2081): 1-4.

The authors of the article provide information and data on how college education does not improve the employability of the young people. The authors have indicated that, contrary to general opinion, higher education plays a minimal role in increasing the chances of getting employed. They have provided information from various European and Asian countries indicating the negligible role, university education plays in maximizing employability. They have also provided various interventions that would help increase the employability of graduates. The information in this article is crucial in my study as it will help to gather the information on various methods that can be used to fortify higher education to make a graduate an all rounded individual before leaving school. The authors of the article are renowned scholars who have worked in different fields. Asit Biswas is an environmental professor who has authored or edited over 80 books and is an advisor to more than 19 governments. On the other hand, Julian Kirchherr is a doctoral researcher at Oxford University and advice variou...

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