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China's One Child Family: Policy And Public Response (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


please use those 5 sources last time you used in order#00059840 write a annotated bibliography...
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Chinese One-Child Policy
Goodstadt, Leo F. "China's one-child family: Policy and public response." Population and Development Review (1982): 37-58. Print.
Database: Business Source Complete
In this article, Goodstadt sheds light on how the Chinese government started a rigid family planning method through one-child policy. He explains how the government affirmed this policy, a way of doing away with the traditional family structure and also minimize the population growth in China. This article also explains the social and economic background following the new policy objectives and also the official clarification that was given by the government for this law. Goodstadt also explains the public's response to the severe restriction on the people's freedom to choose the size of the family they wish to have. However, based on the review given by the National Planned Parenthood Conference, Goodstadt concludes that the one-child policy would enhance a reduction of natural increase with 5% per thousand by 1985. The conclusions drawn from this article are valid. Goodstadt is a prolific person in the field of economic research with 30 published peer-reviewed articles. This article was published by the population council indicating the article's credibility and also to its audience.
Goodkind, Daniel. "Child underreporting, fertility, and sex ratio imbalance in China." 48.1 (2011): 291-316. Print. DOI 10.1007/s13524-010-0007-y
Database: Business Source Complete
This article explores the sex ratio imbalance, child underreporting and infertility some of the effects of one-child policy in China since 1979. Goodkind explains that this issues has been neglected and uses his article to identify the rise of sex imbalance which followed the rise of one-child penalties to parents who broke the new policy. The articles also provide an analysis of the rate of fertility in China since 1990 and Goodkind provides a clear evidence of his findings. However, the author concludes his article by indicating that in 2000, 19% of children between the ages of 0 to 4 were unreported, the sex ratio of boys to girls is not standardized and also China's fertility has declined. The conclusion provided in this article are valid. Readers of this article are therefore able to understand the implication of one-child policy in China.
Greenhalgh, Susan. "The evolution of the one-child policy in Shaanxi, 1979–88." The China Quarterly 122 (1990): 191-22. Print. Doi: 10.1017/S0305741000008766

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