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Sporadic Manipulation in Money Markets with Central Bank Standing Facilities (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Use writer's reference or another appropriate source for the appropriate citation for each individual source.
Arrange the sources alphabetically.
For each source you will summarize the source and make a connection to how it fits in with your research question you only need to summarize the chapter or area that you're pulling information from. However, explain,briefly,how it fits into the entire book.
Explain the sources and central argument; 
Explain major points from the source;
Explain the relevance to your research paper;
Keep your entires short (5-10 sentences)
Must use MLA


Annotated Bibliography
Christian, Ewerhart, et al. "Sporadic Manipulation in Money Markets with Central Bank Standing Facilities ." 2004.
The paper examines the ways through which the manipulation of money markets occur from time to time and also the comparative studies that exist in the field about the matter. The statistics that are contained in the article enable one to conclude the various ways through which the government manipulation of money and credit through the central bank affects boom and bust in the capitalist economies.
Evelyne, Huber and D. Stephens John. State Economic and Social Policy in Global Capitalism. University of North Carolina, 2005
The article looks at the various dimensions of growth and the various reforms that have been put in place to promote macroeconomic integration. It also focuses on the dimensions of economic internationalization. One of the aspects that the article focuses on is capital by looking at the way in which commodities and services can flow in an economy.
Joseph, Stiglitz. "The Theory of Credit and Macroeconomic Stability ." 2016.
The source examines how it is disjoint in the growth of base money with the growth of economies. Four countries have been used in the comparison to show the growth in central bank assets and growth in real GDP of the countries. The argument presented in the source is that the standard theory gives much attention to interest rate and also little attention to the primary mechanism through which monetary policy affects the economy. The source contains information on how the changes in government policy on the supply of credit have their adverse effects

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