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History Notes For Saddam: Saddam Hussein And The Gulf War 1991 - 2003 (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Topic: Saddam Hussein and the gulf war 1991 - 2003
Note cards ( for all sources used in lesson prep and information)
- historical development of area in accurate details
- significant information covered (especially categories given)
- this should not just be a list of dates and names
- ample detail needed to show understanding and fair contribution
- details should be in your own words
5 resource (no wiki or other websites that are not reliable)
it is kind of a notes that you take in your own words from the resources in bullet points. it doesn't have to be a paragraph of an research paper. what i need is only the notes in bullet points with the different categories. just the bullet point, but it has to cover the things i need. in other words, its like the preparation before the presentation, thus you only need to write in bullet point. actually my teacher only need this in about 4-5 pages but i m afraid of that you will make the notes in double space, thus please make it as much as it could be feet in the 4-5 pages thank you so much.
there are some example that I provide to you. like the format of the notes I need.
Please label out which part did you summarize from the source. everything has to be in your own words please.
ps: I need 5 sources that is appropriate bibliography in the last page as you always does.


Annotated Bibliography for Notes on Saddam
BIBLIOGRAPHY Staff. (2017, May 1). Persian Gulf War. Retrieved from Hussein is an Iraqi leader who gave orders to invade Kuwait in August 1990. This alarmed Saudi Arabia and Egypt and they alarmed the United States and other Western nations to help.It was Hussein who battled the Nations Security Council to leave Kuwait in January 1991 and this is when the Persian Gulf War started.The attacks lasted for 42 days that was done by a massive air coalition, as well as on the ground. Ceasefire was declared by President George H.W. Bush in February 28. The majority of Iraqi forces surrendered. The war of Iran and Iraq ended after a ceasefire in the United Nations that happened in August 1988, when mid-1990 came, these states started to negotiate a permanent treaty. The foreign ministers met up in July in Geneva, peace prospects were made clear because Saddam Hussein seemed to be ready to stop the conflict and give the territory back. This was not true.Saddam said that Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were siphoning crude oil from the border located in Ar-Rumaylah which led to a debt of $30 Billion. He made an accusation that there was a conspiracy in the oil prices to keep them low to satisfy Western n

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