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Was It A Just War? Was Iraq War Not Justified? (Essay Sample)


Two separate opinion essays on two articles. Each essay should be two pages. Four pages total. No sources needed. Article can be found in attachment. Moral issue class.
First assignment: For Leiser : Do you think Leiser makes his case that the war was justified? Why?
Second: For Sterba : Do you think Sterba makes his case the Iraq war was not justified? Why?

According to Leiser, this has been a just way. It was a war fought in accordance to the laws of war.
Since the coalition forces did not use illegal weapons, they did not attack civilian’s deliberately or non-combats. They tried their level best to avoid civilian casualties as well as the enemy’s military. There were several objections before the hostilities started, these were,
1 Those based on the utilitarian
2 Those that presumed that it was able to resolve conflict with Saddam Hussein and those concerned with his weapons of mass destruction
3 Those rounded on the interpretation of international law and morality
From Leiser's article, he has clearly shown that the fight was a just war using facts that happened during the war. He outlines how the objections and their speculated consequences did not come to pass. These would be some of the predicted consequences if there were to be a war
* That Saddam would use his weapon of mass destruction to attack the armed army assaulting his nations, was clear that Saddam's forces did not attack during the war, he did not attack even the countries in the region. The attack was made possible by the proper planning of the coalition; they disenabled the rocket launchers that might have targeted Saudi Arabia, Israel amongst others, so their fears did not come to pass.
* The war would destroy Iraq’s infrastructure leading to humanitarian crisis, starvation from lack of proper food distribution system. The bad condition of infrastructure in Iraq was mainly due to years of neglect by Saddam's government. The war did cause damage too from the bombings, to solve this problem the coalition forces devoted a tremendous amount of resources to repair the damages.
* The United Nations will leave Iraq unannounced. This did not happen in any way the United States, and its coalitions won, they ran off with minimal casualties and left Iraq with very few civilian casualties.
* The rest of the world would see the United States as a bully and proud nation. This opinion was already widespread before the war. So the war couldn't be the cause of it.
* If the United States acted on its own with no sanction from the United Nations, it would have faced severe consequences from the authorities of UN.
Objections based on moral issues
Most people term war as evil and say that no nation has the right to attack another state, regardless of the provocation or good intentions of their actions. Following this argument, the coalition forces could not have started the war in Iraq, but it is clear that the war was for the right course. During the war, there were minimal civilian casualties and also the Iraq militant, since they backed down as previously advised. It was observed that during the war the coalition forces avoided bombing cultural places like mosques and archaeological sites.
Did Leiser make his case that the war was justified? Yes, he did.
As in the article after the war, a lot changed that led to an overall increase in happiness of the people of Iraq. One of the world’s brutal terrorists was removed from power, which reduced the Iraq people suffering in his hands. Their some individuals who were forcefully removed from their homes and it was sold to others. After the war, they were able to reclaim their land, though it may seem unfair to the current settlers, that was justice being served. The aftermath of this war left Iraq, a country full of hope, freedom and an opportunity to grow to beg a very prosperous land blessed with oil.
Was Iraq war not justified?
James P Sterba mainly focuses on the mass destruction weapons. This came in three forms, chemical...
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