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Assignment 1: The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy (Essay Sample)


Assignment 1: The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy
Due Week 5 and worth 135 points
Select a president from the table,


The Cold War and U.S Diplomacy
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The Cold War and U.S Diplomacy.
Being the President of the United States of America is a tough call. Challenges that face the occupants of this lucrative office far outweigh the comfort that is usually associated with it. For instance, during the cold war, the way the President handled foreign matters was very crucial for the well-being of the country. Foreign policies, which were later on known as President’s doctrines were imperative during this period. From the reign of Truman through Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Nixon to the reign of Reagan, different doctrines were notable. However, Reagan’s doctrine was the most interesting as it was geared towards underwriting anti-communist states who were perpetuating the overthrow of all pro-Soviet regimes.
Political strategies are key for any President. Reagan’s Doctrine stands out as one of the most important strategies that President Ronald Regan employed during his term in office. The doctrine was implemented to put to a halt the spread of Soviet Union’s political ideology, which was fast growing on a global scale. Whereas the doctrine never lasted for over a decade, it goes down in history as one of the strong foundations that brought the cold war to an end in 1991. A deeper look at the doctrine reveals some negative effects as well as positive effects. It was the combination of benefits and limitations of the doctrine that made it have a place in the history of not only America but the world at large (Lagon, 1994).
The goal of Reagan’s doctrine was to limit and narrow Soviet Union’s power. After its implementation and subsequent formulation, the President was quick to start offering his support to nations deemed as democratic and were willing to battle the spread of communism, which was brought about by t...
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