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Preliminary Bibliography: Aspects Of The Chosen Design (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


1. Write two paragraphs to propose your selected final paper topic.
What aspects of your chosen design will you pursue in your final paper?
How will you research your topic (i.e., what types of sources will you need to use to answer the questions you are asking)?
While you do not need to have a sense of your paper's thesis at this time, at the end of your proposal, please offer one or two key questions about your topic that will guide your early research and ultimately end up informing your thesis statement.
2. The preliminary bibliography should have at least four (4) sources* and include an academic journal and primary source.
Entries should be formatted according to the rules of the Chicago Manual of Style (guidelines can be found in files)
This bibliography should be annotated, that is, you should write a couple of lines below each entry stating why this source shall be useful for your research and in writing your paper.
* Note and anticipate: the final version of your paper must include:
at least six (6) sources (please limit your use of Internet sources)
at least one academic journal article;
at least two books (one of your books must be an academic text, published by a university press;
primary sources (actual period documents and objects), and;
secondary sources (writing about your topic by critics, historians, and theorists).


Preliminary Bibliography
Aspects of the chosen design
I will focus on why people increasingly choose the hoverboard, the way they are designed and their uses. While the hoverboard is a recent phenomenon, the idea behind the gadget has been here for the moving objects that use similar electromagnetic mechanisms for motion. The hoverboard can be adapted to ease transportation in urban areas, and this will extend to whether the idea is feasible. The combination of linear motions and magnets has been utilized in creating some hoverboards. The literature review will delve into the different aspects of uses and design of the gadgets.
Research the topic
I will focus on both primary and secondary sources of information to gain insights on hoverboards. I will gather information on hoverboards, and the actual object is the primary source. In the case of secondary data, I will look at published journal articles, books and newspaper articles reporting on the gadget. The diverse sources of information provide a more complete background on hoverboards. As such, I will seek to evaluate why people purchase the hoverboards and how the object works.
Annotated bibliography
Maier, Carla J. 2016. "The Sound of Skateboarding: Aspects of a Transcultural Anthropology of Sound". The Senses and Society. 11, no. 1: 24-35.
The article utilizes an anthropological approach to understanding the phenomenon of skateboarding in urban spaces. The source is relevant since it looks into the practices associated with the growth of skateboarding where individuals explore a city

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