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The kite Runner (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

it must include a minninum of five study of the text. Some sources may be fairly general..The annotation entries are to be informational not evaluative 2 - 3 sentences. source..
Running Head: THE KITE RUNNER (ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY) The Kite Runner: Annotated Bibliography Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Details: Date Submitted: Sadat, H. M. (2004). Afghan History: kite flying, kite running and kite banning. Afghan Magazine. Viewed on 6th November 2011, from  HYPERLINK "/2004_06/articles/hsadat.shtml" /2004_06/articles/hsadat.shtml This article by Sadat, seeks to inform the reader of the historical connection between the Kite Runner and the ancient Afghan practice of kite fighting. Symbolism is used frequently in the review of the novel. For example, when the kite flyer’s hands are cut by grass and the strings of his kite, it symbolizes the fighting between the Mujahidin guerillas, and the Afghan government forces, which results in the cutting off of the guerillas hands. This review of the Kite Runner by Sadat, offers intrusive evidence of the existence of ethnic rivalry in Afghanistan, which threatens to disintegrate the nation. Wafa, W. A. (2008). The Kite Runner Film Outlawed in Afghanistan. The New York Times. Viewed on 6th November 2011, from  HYPERLINK "/2008/01/16/world/asia/16kiterunner.html" /2008/01/16/world/asia/16kiterunner.html Going from the success of the novel the Kite Runner, the movie featuring the same title as the novel became an instant success. However, as depicted in the New York Times, it was short lived because the culture ministry of the Afghan government banned the importing of the film. Wafa, the author of this report, claims in this article, that the Afghan government decided to ban the movie after expressing fears that some scenes in the film, would arouse sensitive emotions amongst Afghan youngsters. It is interesting to read what different interviewees think about the ban, and how they respond to questions posed by Wafa in relation to the banning of the Kite Runner. Some say some sexually explicit scenes such ...
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