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Why do people cheat? (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

Topic: Why people cheat? Four Peer Reviewed journals using the library database. No Wikipedia. 4 sources are listed alphabetically by author name. Each citation carefully generated with no errors in APA format - including hanging indents. See Purdue OWL Summarize each source - explain how the article supports the topic and evaluate each source for credibility. All must be provided. The more you write, the better your grade. No less than 130 word. source..
Why Do People Cheat? Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Azzouz, T. (2010). The Cheating Game: The Signs and Reasons People Cheat and What to Do About It! AuthorHouse, 1663 Liberty Drive. Bottom of Form Love and relationships are always intertwined phenomena occasioned with joy and pain in equal measure. The joy is the fact that one feels loved, while the pain emanates from the single biggest problems in all relationships; cheating. Terry Azzouz provides a detailed description of all the dynamics involved, how to know that a partner is cheating, why he or she is doing so, and what one can do about it. This book is divided into three parts, each having further subdivisions into chapters, which address a particular dynamic of relationships. The book is well detailed and structured, to make it easy for the reader to access quickly the information that he or she needs. It tried discussing the various reasons why men and women cheat in their relationships, such as sex and attention respectively, and gives a head start on how one can work to solve them. This is a rich source of information, especially for those in need of counseling and relationship advice. Crawford, S. (2014). Surviving infidelity why do people cheat? Place of publication not identified: Speedy Publishing Llc. Bottom of Form It is somehow becoming an eternal question, a cliché of some sort, or just an issue that seems to have no answer; why do people cheat? Well, Sarah Crawford in this book proves just why it is a lie to say that the question has no answer. She gives out some reasons that have to do with both partners in the relationship. For example, she addresses the issue of seeking adventure, lack of proper communication and bonding. In a nutshell, the author is only trying to say that there are well-documented reasons for cheating, and which can ...
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