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What is the Most Important Responsibility of a Teacher (Personal Statement Sample)


here im a returning customer. you guys have wrote me some essay for nursing admission. you can see to my old oldrer details for more ino about me. i am now applying to another nursing school and this school has different questions than the other one.
the have five questions and each of them need approximately 300 words thats why im paying for 1650 words to get the best vivid details 
here is what i copied and pasted from the school web 
i need you to answer this from m in i provided on this order and my older order details, question one hat two questions so give at least 150 word each for questions for number one.
**question one from the school 
Education Essay
Please provide one essay from the following two topics. The essay should be approximately 300 words in length and reflect your best composition efforts.
1. Describe a life experience that has inspired you to become a teacher.
2. In your opinion, what is the most important responsibility of a teacher?
**question two from the school 
Nursing Essays
Please respond to writing prompts below. Each response should be approximately 300 words in length and reflect your best composition efforts.
1. How do you perceive the role of a nurse?
**question three from the nursing school
3. Nurses interact with people from multiple backgrounds. Describe a time when you had to deal with differences between yourself and another person or group.
**question four form the school
4,Please tell us why you are applying to University of Portland?
***question number five 
In a few sentences, please describe your most rewarding work or volunteer experience.
thats all for the school. they are five .
and now here are some details about me and you can always use extra info from the internet if you believe it will make the essay professional 
A mature problem solver from an underrepresented group who can be both a leader and a team player when needed; culturally sensitive and aware of future challenges in a nursing program. Responsible person who attends school and keeps two jobs while maintaining good grades. Able to handle pressure in stressful situations. Unique perspective on life.
Mirabella Seattle Hospital Retirement Community – CNA April 2014- Present
116 Fairview Ave North, Seattle, WA 98109
Total hours: 30 hours per week. 
Provide compassionate care to residents: feed, bath, and dress patients; take patients’ vital signs; serve meals, make beds and clean rooms; quickly and efficiently answer call lights and observe changes in patients’ condition; empty catheter bags; assist with routine bowel and bladder care. Delivered services to various departments: memory care, health center, rehab and assisted living. Position demands flexibility, active listening, problem solving, and cultural sensitivity. Also able to function in emergencies. 
Living In Comfort Adult Family Home And Hospice Care – CNA Volunteer Aug 2015- Present
1021 Bell St. Edmonds, WA 98020
Total hours: 8 hours per week
Observe patient for signs of distress, weakness or infection. Help when able, seek assistance if necessary. Assist patient to move from bed to chair, if desired. Provide comfort and empathetic care as needed.
Certificates earned in healthcare: CPR, mental health, AIDS, first aid, and dementia May 2013
Debre Amin St. Teklehaimanot Church – Active Member May 2015-Present
Phone: Address: 15245 International Blvd SeaTac, 98188
Fasil Asres, (206) 303-0230, 
Patiently assist elderly with learning English and identify trouble areas; teach Amharic classes to young children and answer questions; help new immigrants find jobs and provide rides to their appointments until secure transportation can be found.
Wallace Lawrence, General Carpenter
Assisted with building a church. 
Veteran’s hospital in Eritrea – Volunteer: Gladly washed wheelchairs, efficiently cleaned rooms, looked after the plants and helped with renovations in the building. Willing to help wherever needed. June 2007 
Cave Craft beer store in Kirkland, Washington. Manager Jan 2015- Present
Supervise two employees. Cheerfully perform in a customer service environment doing inventory, cashiering, cleaning, and closing the store five nights. Keep track of and post in social media accounts for the store in a timely manner. Provide creative marketing assistance. Position demands good listening, communication, and interpersonal skills and the ability to handle increased pressure during rush hours. Show good judgment in employee relations and customer service. 
Tigrina (Eritrean) Speaking ability: native
Writing ability: native 
Reading ability: advanced 
Amharic (Ethiopian) Speaking ability: fluent
Writing ability: fluent
Reading ability: advanced
And I went to the university advisor and u was told to indicate the below listed in my personal statement. This are the kind of candidates needed. I will list them below and let me know if you have any questions. 
1, I'm mature, 
2. I'm problem solver
3, I'm responsible, I have two jobs and go to school and still get good grades. I can handle pressure.
4, I'm a leader , 
5, I'm team worker, 
6, I'm aware of the challenges of nursing program and I'm ready for it. I'm dedicatting two years of my life for it. I'm ready in all ways.
7, I'm culturally sensitive, I don't discriminate 
8, I have unique perspective 
9, I come from underepresnted group 
I believe culture awareness is very important in the role of providing quality care. Because it's an understanding of how a person's culture may inform their values, behaviour, beliefs and basic assumptions.
I choose to become a nurse because a young age my brother was sick of AIDS and my mom and Dad had to work to provide a living I was taking care of him at home until he died after a year and half because there is no good medication back home in ERITREA, (africa) , home. So I wante to help everyone just like I help my own brother, after that I been volunteering at the veterans during my high school years, then I moved to uganda and was admitted to nursing school and was on my clinical but it was not safe for me to be in Uganda and came to America to reunite with my dad.
Now we are in the same page you can ask me what else details you want to know. 
A, My hands on experience on health care has helped me identify that I'm an empathy person because I see all patients as if that was me when I get older, and my weakness was at first I use to be scared to sometimes say no to what patients ask me out of their care plan.
B, it has helped me to to identify my strength on making a difference in patients health even by putting a smile on my face.
C, IT has helped me identify my strength on not talking what some residents say personally and not hold grudges. 
D, It has helped me develop strength on giving organized way of delivering care.
E, it has helped me to identify my strength on being task oriented, 
F, IT has helped me on seeing the process of healing, I have seen patients come after an accident and being admitted to rehab, I have seen the same patient leave the nursing home after 8 month of giving care.
G, it has helped me identify my strength on keeping calm when coming across to tragic incident like taking care of a patient who just died. I use to panic and my whole body use to shake of fear.
H. It has helped me identify my strength on understanding that Nursing is a challenging profession due to the ability to be apathetic and comforting to all patients but also to deal with them confidently and professionally.
I, it has gave me useful insight into what it is like to be a student nurse. I have learnt about medical terminology, nursing models, nursing theories and clinical placements
2, the duration of your experience 
A, During my duration of experience. I developed strengths of developing relationship with patients. I use yo be very shy meeting new people .
B, During my duration of experience develop strength of team work with my Co workers and professionals, before I use to be afraid to ask help so I would hurt my self.
C, I developed a strength of being patient with my residents, before I use to get irritated when the patient don't listen to me or refuse my care.
D, I developed strength use clinical judgment 
And understand I must give equal care to everyone regardless of their background or race. And I give care to people from all walks of life.
E, IT has helped me identify my strength on becoming a good absorber towards my patients in case they are experiencing pain or any sort. 
F, my duration has helped me identify my strength on that undernursing nursing will be a challenging profession to go into because nurses must have the ability to make decisions, show compassion and support the diverse needs of individuals in their care, but im Hungry for more knowledge and will advance
3, skills learned and applied 
A, I leaned the importance of following instructions, because a simple error on not following a patient care plan can even cause death
B, I learned how to provide reassurance to patients who are confused or anxious. I use to be scared they would yell at me or won't belive me
C, I learned how to work under pressure during short staff and multitasking. I use
To not believe in my self and I would panic.
D, The importance of plaNing and meeting deadlines
E. I.come to understand there are various conditions and needs, and I learnt how to focus and balance their needs and meet them which demonstrates my use of initiative
F, I learned techniques on how to comfort and manage difficult residents 
G, assisting with routine bowel and bladder care.
H, providing ostomy and catheater care after the RN permits. It use to scare me .
4. Types of patients and professionals intreracted with
A, I have interacted with doctors during my first year clinical of nursing school while I was in Uganda. I use to shadow the doctor.
B, I have interacted with various nurses in different department in the hospital I use to go for my clinical. And more so when I came to Seattle I have interacted with different nurse in the homecare.
C, I have worked as a CNA for almost two and half years and I have worked with many patients from different background , race and ethinicity. And a diverse range of staff.
D, I have worked with patients in different departments. I have worked in the Hospice and delt with a lot of suffering residents and death. I have worked at memory care/ special care and delt with dementia, alzahimer and mental health residents. I have worked at a rehab and acute as well and felt with a lot of temporary and recovering patients. I have also worked at health centre/ long term and associated living as well.


Nursing Personal Essay
In your opinion, what is the most important responsibility of a teacher?
Describe a life experience that has inspired you to become a teacher?
The most important responsibility of teachers is to facilitate learning and where possible thy focus on the unique needs of learners, the abilities and learning styles. Now more than ever before, teachers are increasingly encouraged to adopt and adapt new teaching practices to facilitate teaching. In earlier years, teachers taught each student or learner the same with teaching more like an education factory. However, since learners have different learning experiences, the ability to facilitate learning makes it easier for learners to use knowledge and better understanding of different subject matter as they make decisions that have a positive impact on their lives and the society.
To foster learning and intellectual growth, the teachers may counsel learners while integrating social and emotional concerns. As teachers inspire learning they allow learners to be more curious given that the learning environment fosters the teacher student relationship. This has been my experience that teachers who have motivated me to learn have had a positive influence on my perceptions about learning. Even though, instructions in teaching and learning may still be dominant, active learning is preferred, as teachers facilitate learning while guiding learners. Teachers make decisions that affect learning since they look into ways to improve education effectiveness.
My experience working at Debre Amin St. Teklehaimanot Church provided an opportunity to learn about leadership and teaching experiences as I interacted with patients who could not understand English and only spoke Amharic. Dealing with the young children and elderly patients has been fulfilling where I not only taught them to improve their English language proficiency but also encouraging them. Motivating the Amharic speaking individuals has showed me that nurturing learners makes a big impact as they are better placed to cope with the language barriers and more willing to learn as they grow socially and emotionally.
How do you perceive the role of a nurse?
Nurses play varied and complex roles as they care for patients and there is a need to understand the various roles to improve them. Nurses improve patient care while building a relationship with patients and ensuring that the healthcare plan team understand he care plan. This is possible as nurses coordinate plan care to ensure there is no fragmentation when attending to patients. As coordinators, nurses also liaise with the health care team during pateint care to facilitate adequate preparation for discharge. Since nurses coordinate patient care they improve patient outcomes and satisfaction through promoting the continuity of care.
The role of nurses now calls for holistic care to improve patient experience by coordinating care to meet patient needs. Nurses are caregivers who work in diverse settings while holistic care extends to spiritual, psychosocial, cultural and emotional needs. Patients also have diverse physical needs, and nurses provide skilled care without compromising the patients’ dignity. Promoting wellness require that nurses communicate and coordinate healthcare where they establish therapeutic relationships and make it easier for patients to trust healthcare providers. Restoring wellness and promoting health is a common objective for all health practitioners, and since nurses interact with patients more often than most other workers.
Proving healthcare cannot be separated from patient advocacy since nurses need to protect the rights of patients, and as a member of an underrepresented group I understand how cultural sensitivity can ...

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