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Motivation or desire to become a Physician Assistant (Personal Statement Sample)

Im applying for admissions to become a Physician Assistant which is a master program.The narrative needs to keep them captivated and be 5000 characters or 600-625 words singled spaced, best on word pad. For the source I was also told by a PA to use at least 1 source that shows the significants of PA's in research since applicants don't use them in narrative. Here are some questions that could help but not limited to; Why have you chosen the profession? What motivates you to believe this is the right career path for you? What did you learn working in the medical field and as you shadowed one or more Physician Assistants? How do you feel you can contribute to the medical community? Hope this helps its your call on the way you want to do it your the writer. I will send my resume so you have an idea who i am and what i have done over the years. Also if you have any questions please message me, doesn't matter what time. thanks again source..
Student’s Name Course Name Instructor’s Name Class Name Date Assignment is due Motivation or desire to become a Physician Assistant My desire to become a Physical Assistant (PA) was catalyzed by my experience of undergoing a right shoulder operation. This experience made me angry since I had broken a part of my body. I succumbed to the shoulder injury during my time as a footballer in High School. As an injured player, I had no other option other than becoming a motivator, a school football coach, and a spiritual counselor. The unrelenting desire to become a PA increased day after day as I recovered. This period of persevering, training, physical therapy, and medical solutions that brought pain and anguish made my resolution to become a PA stronger. I am convinced that the experience and the character I acquired during my school life are critical to my choice to study and work as a PA. I have learnt a lot about medicine through my personal experience as a footballer who has had perennial injuries. At one time I broke my right shoulder and I had to go through an operation. I was exposed to the theatre, physical therapy that was extensive and painful, cortisone injections, X-Rays, and MRI’s. I overcame fears that engulf every patient before any operation. This gave me a worthwhile experience and insights into the field of medicine. I was taught how to care for patients and practice good medicine by my doctor, Kenneth Leclerc. Personal caring, compassion, and medical excellence were what I learnt from him. That is the kind of medicine I want to practice. This very character was also evident in the Physical and Occupational therapist at the ...
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