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Personal statement (Personal Statement Sample)

I am an Iraq born citizen, with a strong passion in dentistry. My interests in dentistry begun during the initial two year course in pharmacy I took in Iraq back in the year 2003. I positively responded to this by moving into Jordan where I pursued a course in dentistry. While studying in Jordan, I used to regularly visit my family dentist, to observe and learn on how to handle and treat patients with dental problems. This gave me some basic practical skills in dentistry. After graduation, I relocated into the U.S.A. where I am now working as a dental assistant. Here, I operate under seven different dentists, and as a result I have considerably gained a lot of experience in the field. Some of the notable experiences that I have had are the absolute need for a dentist to respect time while performing his or her duties. Additionally I have learnt the differentiated modern dental technology, which provides patients with the best treatment, in a safer and more convenient way. In a day we attend to a considerable number of patients with different dental problems. This is advantageous to me since I am exposed and equipped with vast knowledge in dental field. Likewise, the high dental technology in America has been of great help to me and the entire dental experts, since through it we are able to handle more complex dental problems safely and easily. Currently I am attending the Preceptorship program for Periodontology at University of California San Francisco UCSF. The program enables me to be in the operating room everyday which allows me to experience clinical practice through simulations, theory presentation and sessions which encompass topics ranging from technical to medical. This program is also helping me in gaining valuable communication skills that will enable me to communicate effectively with my fellow dentist, as well as, the patients. Throughout my stay in the U.S.A I have been an active volunteer in the American Red Cross Association, where I have learnt to take care of the needy by offering my services to them. Here, I participate in blood donation exercise, where I get to meet different people. I also participate in the supply of basic needs to the people. My active role in the humanitarian services has significantly boosted my communication and team work skills considerably. I have also been able to effectively interact with many people suffering from different problems. Through Red Cross I have been able to give back to the society. Additionally, the humanitarian services have significantly elevated my sense of care, which is important in any health practitioner. My previous experiences have not only enabled me to effectively and efficiently interact and work well with people, but have also significantly boosted my dentistry career. Having worked as a dental assistant for a longer time has enabled me to have a firsthand experience on the many dental problems faced by people. This position has also extensively enhanced my knowledge and skills in dentistry. In addition, the exposure in the dental service has considerably elevated my passion in the field. Being exposed to more advanced dental technology in the U.S.A has considerably bettered my skills and knowledge in the field. My volunteer work in the American Red Cross has greatly nurtured the sense of team work in me. In addition the same has enhanced due diligence and sense of care, which are the core values needed in the dental practice. It is in the light of the above experience that I intend to pursue my dream career in dentistry in one of the American dental school. I believe that my past practice and contribution will positively assist me to realize my dream. I studied Pharmacy in Iraq for 2 years and the school is actually 5 years so I did not get the degree, I only studied the medical basic subjects like biology, Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Organic Chemistry, etc.then after these two years I went to Jordan to study Dentistry for 5 years and I got the degree BDS. during my last two years in dentistry I used to go two a clinic for Dr. Ala Al-Atar to observe him and clean and sterilize the instruments. Also currently I am volunteering in Fremont Elder Care, what I actually do I give some company to the old people by visiting them at their houses. some time take a woke and drink a coffee together. I am a Dental Assistant to Dr. shoker Devender I am a Dental Assistant to Dr. Tamer Albagot he is a periodontist and a professor at the University of the pacific. I am also a Dental Assistant to Dr jaing he is an oral surgeon. I assist these three Doctors(Shoker,Tamer,Jaing)at Dr. Shoker\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s dental offices. I have an x-ray certification, I got it from fast track dental school in Newark, CA. I am currently attending a preceptorship program for periodontology at University of California San Francisco, this program lasts for three months(January, Febuary, March), in this program I attend the clinics with the periodontology\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s residents, I attend presentations and seminars. I would like to inform you that I am trying to apply to a highly competitive program, and the school really looks at a strong personal statement. source..
I am an Iraqi born citizen, with a strong passion in medicine. Though I had a desire to pursue a course in the medical field, I did not exactly know which way to go. As a result, I enrolled for a course in pharmacy. During my studies in pharmacy, I started developing a desire for dentistry. I did not take this seriously till my second year where I decided to pursue my passion and dream; I moved to Jordan where I pursued a course in dentistry. While undertaking this course, I used to make regular visits to our family dentist to observe and learn how to examine, handle and treat patients with dental problems. Making these visits gave me vast experience and knowledge in dentistry.
After graduating, I moved to the United States where I am currently practicing dentistry as a dental assistant. I work under seven different dentists who have been of great help and assistance to me. Through them I have learned how to respect time while carrying out my duties. Moreover, I have been able to come into contact with the various modern dental technologies which are used to offer safer and convenient dental services. Being a dental assistant to Dr. Albagot who is a periodontist and Dr. Jiang who is an oral surg...
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