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Description Of The St. Jacob's Farmer's Market (Term Paper Sample)


According to the attached rubric, this assignment will be preparing a 3 paragraph report on Farmers Marke.


Farmers Market Assignment
Description of the St. Jacob's Farmer's Market
The St. Jacob's Farmer's market is located in a small town called St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada. It is located at the south of King Street North. It is the most famous and probably the largest farmer's market in Canada. The people around the town and the neighboring communities are mostly visiting it. Other than the locals that frequently visit the market for their shopping for freshly produced farm products, tourists visiting Canada, Europe, and even the United States are also visiting the market. Eight farmers who came together built the market in April 1975. The reason why this market is so popular and people within Canada and beyond normally visit it because of health and quality foods sold at the market. For instance, there are fresh fruits and vegetables, which are always sourced during the summer season. At this farmers' market, there is a vast collection of products for people of all cultures and tastes. There are different vendors who are providing mouth-leaking pieces of bread, cheeses, lambs gotten from the roadside, beef fed from grass, exceptional gluten that is free from pasta, and farm produce from every year's harvest. Other than those foods named above, there is also Waterloo, which is the region's staple foods like the maple syrup, and the summer sausage. It is important to remember that there is a great satisfaction if one is sure of the source of food that he or she is consuming (Mitchel

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