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Victimization event/Victim standpoint (Term Paper Sample)

Please read and follow the attached instruction. VICTIMOLOGY FINAL PAPER: PAPER (30%): The purpose of this paper is to take a current victimization event that has been covered in the news media and analyze and discuss it from a victim standpoint, using theories of victim behaviour, looking at the event from the criminal event perspective. Paper should have at least 10 primary sources. Journal articles , books are good sources. Your paper should emulate the style in the VICTIMOLOGY discipline. This paper should be written using APA Sixth edition formatting. Paper must have 10 pages of content text + abstract) (excludes title page, abstract, tables, images, diagrams, charts, references, and so on) Paper must include the following: 1. an abstract (150-250 word paragraph outlining the basic ideas and concepts of your paper, including some conclusions you have come to. The idea is to briefly give the reader an idea of what is to come. 2. an introduction 3. a description of the event as covered in the media 4. a review of the prevalence (how often is estimated to occur, etc.) of this type of event 5. a literature review looking to some of the discussions surrounding this special victimization type 6. indications of how we have come to understand this problem theoretically (do we see patterns, root causes, etc). 7. Discuss why this is an important area of study. 8. A description of the precursors, the event, and the aftermath of victimization 9. effort of prevention in the area 10. a critique of what is lacking in the area of study and directions for future research Paper must be written from a victim standpoint and therefore must focus on the victim throughout( NOT the offender!) All paper topics must focus on the victims of these crimes and not the offender. The paper will be evaluated on the writer's ability to identify the experiences and issues facing the victim and NOT the offender's actions. MUST choose one topic from the list below: - Orphans that were abused by staff in east coast community in Canada - medical student raped and dies of her injuries in India - Hurricane Sandy - the recent release of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma - Shooting of people in a Colorado movie theatre - The Sandy Hooks tragedy - The Montreal Massacre - The 8 homicides in St. Thomas,Ontario - Any story where someone was wrongly accused of committing an illegal or immoral act and is a well known story - Bullying of Amanda Todd - The Costa Concordia tragedy The imprisoning of 2 Pussy Riot Movement members source..

Bullying Of Amanda Todd
Table of Contents
 TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc352313329" 1.0 Introduction  PAGEREF _Toc352313329 \h 4
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc352313330" 2.0 Background to Amanda Todd’s bullying  PAGEREF _Toc352313330 \h 4
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc352313331" 3.0 Cyber bullying  PAGEREF _Toc352313331 \h 5
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc352313332" 4.0 Prevalence of cyber bullying  PAGEREF _Toc352313332 \h 7
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc352313333" 5.0 Victimization theories  PAGEREF _Toc352313333 \h 8
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc352313334" 6.0 Intervention strategies  PAGEREF _Toc352313334 \h 11
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc352313335" 7.0 Relevance of studying cyber bullying  PAGEREF _Toc352313335 \h 13
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc352313336" 8.0 Conclusion  PAGEREF _Toc352313336 \h 14
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc352313337" 9.0 References  PAGEREF _Toc352313337 \h 15

Studies suggest that bullying has harmful effects on the emotional and physical status of victims, and with emergence of cyber bullying it is clear that there is a need to use better intervention strategies. This paper highlighted on the case of Amanda Todd, a teenage Canadian girl who committed suicide after vicious cyber bullying incidents over a period extending more than two years. To understand the association between victimization and cyber bullying, the study further focussed on various theories of victimization. From Todd’s case study it is likely that as the bullying continued her mental health deteriorated as students began to distance themselves from Todd, leading to social isolation. Even though, her parents understood the extent of the problem she could not cope in school, and this paper proposes that counselling sessions ought to offer training on how to identify and reduce prevalence of cyberbullying. Essentially, both teachers and parents ought to have knowledge on cyber bullying and provide open communication for there to be effective strategies on cyberbullying. BULLYING OF AMANDA TODD
For professional counsellors cyber bullying is an emerging subject matter that requires urgent attention with risk factors to cyber bullying now a top priority as school counsellors and parents try numerous intervention strategies. Bullying connotes those acts that lead to harm in victims through physical, social or verbal ways through the actions of a perpetrator or bully. In addition, the power imbalance leads to bullying as he acts can only be termed as bullying when they are repeated numerous times. Because cyber bullying is a new phenomenon there are few studies that look into the impact of cyber bullying on the emotional and psychological wellbeing of victims.
Background to Amanda Todd’s bullying
Following vicious online bullying, Amanda Todd committed suicide in 2012 at her parent’s home in British Columbia Canada. Prior to her d...
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