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Leadership book analysis (Term Paper Sample)

Review of The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson (2003), the review should include the following: (a) An overall introduction to the paper. (b) A summary of the book. Your summary should be brief, concise, and to the point. (c) An analysis of the book (this should be the longest part of your paper). In this section of the paper you will analyze the book in regards to leadership. What have you learned about leadership from reading the book? How can you use what you learned to become a better leader? (d) A review of the book. In this section of your paper you should give your opinion of the book. What did you like about the book? Dislike about the book? Would you recommend the book to others? Why or why not. source..
Name Course Code Instructor: Date of Submission One minute manger Introduction One minute manager talks about management and how managers are able to organize themselves in leading a team and the organization itself in achieving its desired goals. The main discussion will focus on, the summary, analysis and review of the book. This book shows how different kinds of managers deal with issues in their organizations. An effective manager ensures that the needs of both the organization and the employees are catered for. A young man wanted to become a great manager, so he traveled all around the world and interacted with several people in the administrative department, military and company executives. This kind of interaction assisted him to evaluate how different kinds of managers are seen to be effective. The young man was not pleased by the form of managements he came across such as; tough managers, who won over the organization but never, won the trust of employees. Realistic managers were only concerned about making profit instead of focusing on both the growth of the company and its employees (Blanchard 1982). The one minute manager focuses on quality, professionalism and an all rounded manager who is concerned about the welfare of his employees and the growth of the company. Leadership is the most important part of this book. This is so, because a manager has to lead and ensure the organization is steered into the right direction. The author has shown that leadership is about team work, whereby a manger has to have a team that he manages and also, where he gets support from. One minute manager has also emphasized on production, where by quality and quantity is the major aspect (Blanchard 1982). This book has several interactive forums with different individuals who have different perspectives about managers. Some individuals talked about being a one minute manager and indeed interacted with one. The one minute manager has set standards such as; one minute goal setting, where the manager ensures that every employee takes accountability of any task they undertake. This enables the employees to learn their responsibility and how they can perform their different tasks. Each employee writes his or her set of goals on only one page to enable them read it in only one minute; this saves time and is easy to remember while working. The second secret is the one minute praising. This is very important because it tells an individual on how he honestly performs without hiding any vital facts that affects his performance. Once an employee has performed well he is normally praised immediately with no de...
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