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European Relationship with Food. History Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


English original title:Instructions for mid-term essay
QUESTION: How and why did Europeans’ relationship with food change?
Making use of the readings and discussions from topic 1 and topic 2, write a 5-paragraph that answers the question above.

1. Go through the reading materials from topic 1 and topic 2
2. Make notes of at least FOUR shifts and FOUR factors behind these shifts
3. Decide on the TWO shifts and TWO factors that you think are most striking and important
Paragraph 1: Introduce the topic by providing information from the present so that the reader can take interest. Pose the question and make thesis statement (answer to the question).
Paragraph 2: Shift 1 / Shift 1 & 2 / Shift 1 and Factor 1
Paragraph 3: Shift 2 / Factors 1 / Shift 2 and Factor 2
Paragraph 4: Factors 1 / Factors 2
Paragraph 5: Conclusion. Based on your analysis, look to the future. What will change? What factors will continue to play a role?
TIPS: Remember to revisit the basics of essay writing that you learnt in Study Skills
WORD COUNT: 500 words
DEADLINE: Wednesday, 27 November
Combined with the form of class, potential requirements:
According to the format, with logic, use progressive, contrast and other means of discussion clearly stated.
Because it is an English class, you need to demonstrate a certain level of English.
Combine the previous two topics, have some academic (with a certain citation of the paper) and draw conclusions.
The following two reading materials (and recommended readings) and the previous two discussion topics and corresponding mindmap jobs and summary jobs are attached.
There is plenty of time to read the material and write, hoping not to take a cursory look at the last few days and not follow the requirements.
The general introduction is a course introduction.
Two PDF files are reading materials, and Assignment.docx is the previous assignment.
The last document is a requirement for this assignment and is required to be made based on the above.
Other requirements have been stated above in Chinese and English.


European Relationship with Food
Course code:
European cultures regarding food consumption have changed gradually from the medieval ages to the present day. Social and political factors such as colonization and classes have played a huge role in shaping how the Europeans consume their food. The usage of spice was greatly affected by political factors as it influenced their prices and ability of the social classes to afford them and social classes demanded their respective members to observe certain mannerisms and behaviours that also translated into table manners. The relationship with food is continuously changing with social and political influence being at the forefront of the change.

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