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Industrial Revolution Did Not Occur In China During Ming / Qing Period (Term Paper Sample)


1. Not precisely a historical term paper, but consider from ECONOMIC aspects
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why an industrial revolution did not occur in China during the Ming/Qing period


Why an Industrial Revolution did not occur during the Ming / Qing period
Although China has experienced significant growth of the economy over the last few decades it could have achieved it earlier had it not missed out on the industrial revolution during the 19th century. It is said that the Chinese people were ahead of Europe in knowledge and wealth. During the 13th century, for instance, the Chinese people were using a power-driven spinning machine. Besides that, they were also using coal at the time to generate high amounts of energy, and they used it to manufacture some final products. All those technological advancements had happened to China more than 700 years earlier than Europe.
The impressive growth went on until late in the 18th century when things took a different turn. Within that period China was faced with various challenges which include a rise in the cost of living, and the lack raw materials and fuel. The high population was dependant on the produce obtained within a small fixed area. Lack of enough food contributed to a decrease in the crop of cotton. Rather than planting cloth which is not edible, the Chinese population preferred to plant foodstuffs. As a result, the price of cotton increased profoundly, and the European nations would no longer buy from them.
As China tried to satisfy its dire need for fuel trees were cut down. The cutting down of trees contributed to deforestation, and the land was left bare. The bare ground was less productive and therefore further increasing the food threat. Unlike Europe which had colonies from other parts of the world, China lacked colonies. The provinces would provide Europe with cheap raw materials and labor. China missed an excellent opportunity to have industrial growth because it lacked entrepreneurs who were eager to achieve more from the golden period.
Wrong Foreign Trade Decisions made during the Ming/ Qing period
China is one country known for their significant achievements in the field of science. The unfortunate thing, however, is that China was not able to use the knowledge and skills they had in the area to grow the economy. Since time in memorial the Chinese people have had a culture of believing that they are superior to other people and there is nothing, they can learn from them. It is that belief that made them make the wrong decisions during the Ming/ Qing period. For three awkward reasons, China banned foreign trade during that time.
The first reason that they gave was that the foreign ambassadors disrespected the king by not kneeling down before him to show respect. Secondly, the ruling class felt that China was capable of doing it on its own and there was no need of welcoming foreigners to their land. Finally, the Manchu rulers refused to give the coastal areas an opportunity to grow stronger through foreign trade. Those reasons hindered China from achieving much economically. Instead of taking advantage of the fact that they were ahead of others they remained complacent with the little they had.
China's technology was very sophisticated, and they were capable of making significant ships. The ships had strong engines and would be used to sail for long distances. They would use the same ships to travel and reach their neighboring countries. It was at that time that China would have used the vessel to get cheap raw materials from the other countries. They have did not so, and another opportunity to grow was lost.
In Europe, on the other hand, the competition was becoming stiff each day. Each nation was worried about what the other was capable of doing. With the fear of defeat, each country continued to work hard each day. Additionally, they also welcomed new ideas from their competitor...

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