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What is Adhd Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Term Paper Sample)

Paper feedback Cover page Brief description (one paragraph) Case Study Description (one paragraph) Causes or Suspected Origns How often does it occur? How and when is it diagnosed Characteristics or features of this exceptionality What are the potential impacts of this exceptionality on childrens development (include age differences) What are the potential impacts of this exceptionality on childrens experiences in school? What are the potential impacts of this exceptionality on childrens experiences In the family? How is this exceptionality usually supported? Top Ten Tips for working with this exceptionality (you can use point form in this section) How do people with exceptionality find support/information in the Calgary community? References source..
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Brief Description
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common childhood disorder that brings with it problems of over-activity, inattentiveness, impulsivity or a combination of all or some of the aforementioned characteristics. Even though this problem can proceed to adolescence from childhood, it can also be active in adulthood. A child can be diagnosed with ADHD if they exhibit out of range child-age development and in many cases the child can experience difficulty in controlling their behavior (DosReis et al., 2009).
Case Study Description
An example of ADHD can be attributed to Jennifer, who in kindergarten seemed to quickly grasp her letters and numbers, and at a glance could actually read several words. Even though her teacher thought that she actually was doing well in class, her parents established that Jennifer was a bit disorganized with her work and often more than not less attentive than her older sister when she was at the same age.
Jennifer`s parents noted that they often had to repeat instructions for her to get them more clearly and from time to time they found several unfinished drawings in thrown all over her room. Jennifer caught the attention of her first grade teacher when she (teacher) realized that she (Jennifer) didn`t listen in class and had difficulty with arithmetic.
Jennifer could no longer perform well in class and failed to finish most of her assignments. Jennifer was then, at the suggestion of her teacher, booked for ADHD testing by her parents where she was diagnosed with the disorder.
Causes or Suspected Origins
Research continues to try and unravel the main or exact cause of ADHD even though most of the findings still have not exactly established or given a clear direction on the root cause. Genes may play a role and therefore alluding to the fact that it could run in families. There are still a number of multiple factors that are implicated among them environmental factors that are reported to increase the risk, and so do problems that stem from the CNS (central nervous system) at watershed moments in stages of growth and development of an individual. Despite all this, the scientific as well as the medical community generally agree that ADHD is biological in nature and that it possibly results from imbalance of chemicals in the cognitive system(DosReis et al., 2009).
How and when is it Diagnosed?
Since no two children mature at the same rate, children have been established to have different temperaments, personalities, and energy levels and due to various predisposing factors at different stages in their lives this often lead to distraction among many children and they can act impulsively and therefore lead to a struggle to concentrate from time to time. These normal behavioral factors can therefore be mistaken for ADHD. It is therefore imperative to not...
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