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Special Education (Term Paper Sample)

Knowledge Evidence: You will be creating a Lesson of Instruction on a topic of your choice. It can be from your content area, or on a topic you are interested in. Choose a lesson of content you would be teaching to students at the secondary level. Assume you have a 50 minute class period and it is an inclusion classroom. Meaning…you have students who perform typically in your classroom as well as several students with disabilities. Please assume you have at least 1 student who is performing 3-4 years below grade level as well as several students who have specific learning disabilities. You may choose to include a student who is blind, deaf, or has multiple disabilities. You must include at least 6 parts: - Describe your classroom/students (especially those with disabilities) in a short paragraph so I know for whom you have designed and modified this lesson. - Background review to conduct prior to the new information presentation (Usually a 2-3 minute activity or review session.) - Instruction - Skill practice activity - Assessment of new knowledge activity (This does not have to be a paper/pencil test/quiz or worksheet. How will you determine if your students understand the new information you shared.) - Differentiation Paragraph…see bold paragraph of instructions below for more details. If students will be using handouts during this activity, please attach a copy. You may format this any way you wish. Be creative. Be unique. Be inspired. If you included details and all 6 components, there is no right or wrong project. It is SO important to have a plan. You need to be able to see the big picture. You need to know where your students are starting from- and where you want them to be at the end of your lesson…(and your unit.) ***You will need to also be able to differentiate for all learners. Determine what you want ALL learners to know (no matter what their disability area is). Then determine what you want your average learners to know in addition. Finally, how are you going to challenge those students who are top level learners? (Include a paragraph that explains this concept and information.) Make sure you cite your sources if you copy ideas or materials. source..

Special Education
Special Education
Describing my classroom
I will be creating a lesson for instruction for a first year undergraduate class covering a history lesson. The classroom comprises of 30 students who are all boys. Although most of the students are aged around 19 years, there are five students who are 23 years old. This is due to some difficulties that their parents faced in paying their school fees in the previous classes causing them to repeat some classes while others had to skip classes for some semesters. In this class, there is one student who is deaf and one who is performing 4 years below his grade level. There are two students who are partially deaf while 20 students have difficulties in understanding complicated English. Two students in this class have difficulties in talking while the remaining six students perform typically well and are top level learners as they do not have any disability.
Background review to conduct prior to the new information presentation
For the purpose of this lesson a history book by Meredith (2004) will be used as it covers the unit on World War I in details. Each student in class has a copy of this book and hence it will be easier to use it as a reference point. A review activity will include students being asked whether they have any information concerning any world war. This will enable the students to share various in formation they may have concerning any war.
After the introduction of the history lesson, students will be required to write short notes on the main topic of World War I. Students will be advised to listen to the teacher and to concentrate on important points. The teacher will be required to uses simplified English in delivering all the information about the mentioned topic during this lesson. The main points of the topic will be typed on an A4 paper where each student will be given a copy. The paper for the deaf and the partially deaf students will ...
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