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Poverty and Suicide Among Teens (Term Paper Sample)


Required Format: Double spaced 12 point font, pages numbered in top right corner. Title page....CRJ124, My name, Professors Name 1- page in length Section one: Introduction (disclose the topic, anything unique about it, why the subject was selected, current trends/issue with it 1-2 pages Section two: Literature research (what do professionals say about the topic..include citations) 4-5 pages Section three: Statistical data to support your research and introductory statements...include citations...1 page Section four: Assumption(s)/Suppositions(s).. during your research you should have drawn some type of assumption as to \"if this continues this may happen\"....1 page Section 5: Personal analysis/recommendations of section four-- 1 to 2 pages Last page: Bibliography Refrain from writing in the first person. There is no need to drag this out. Say what you have to and finish.


Poverty and Suicide among Teens
Poverty and Suicide among Teens
Families that find it extremely difficult to make ends meet due to low income are said to be poor. In the recent past, professionals in various fields within the society have realized that there is some relationship between poverty and suicide. This hypothesis has come about due to the trend that teenagers from poor backgrounds tend to be tempted to take their own lives. This though is hinged on two ideologies the first being the what the teenagers priorities in life are whereas the second factor is the level of poverty within the teenager’s family.
The uniqueness of this topic is the event that the teenagers who have suicidal thoughts and who eventually take their lives are still young and bright minds, which given time and determination could bring the best out of their abilities. It is basic knowledge that a teenager is to be provided for by their parents, until they attain the age enshrined in the constitution that the parents and guardians should withhold any support unless they are obliged to do so. In a family set up, for example, father and mother are the custodians of the children. Though the society may regard a family for being poor, the parents will appear to be more disturbed. The topic is further made unique by the fact that the teenagers are rarely blamed for finding themselves in backgrounds that lack financial stability.
Poverty and suicide is a happening that has been with us for a considerable duration. It is also a fact that this action is largely associated with the teenagers. The society should not turn blind to the fact that poverty and its relationship to suicidal thoughts and suicide itself affect almost all the age groups that exist within the society. More often than not, we hear of parents who kill their children before taking their lives too because they are not in a position to support their growth and development. Several research studies have been carried out to ascertain the trends of poverty and suicide among teenagers, with an attempt of putting a stop to this unfortunate occurrence. The role of this paper is to provide insight on poverty and its relationship to a teenager having suicidal thoughts and finally, taking his or her life. Specifically, this paper touches on what professionals and stakeholders think in regard to poverty and suicide among the teenagers. Similarly, this paper analyzes the facts by statistically, studying the data available in regard to this paper as well as some of the assumptions that have come up to explain why suicide is high amongst teenagers who come from families with unstable financial background.
Literature Research
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