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Advertising Campaign Planner (Term Paper Sample)

*The Advertising Plan Project: select a product or service for an existing organization. As part of the in-class simulation, the group (you) will play the role of an advertising account team that is in charge of the 2013 advertising and marketing communication plan for a specific product or service. The team's (you) specific communication strategy will need to fit with the overall corporate strategy of the client organization. You may consider selecting a local organization (I am located in the Silicon Valley California, USA) that is interested in your output. This gives the company an interest in cooperating in your data collection efforts, which might make data gathering easier. You will need to collect both secondary and primary data for this project. If the companies are public traded, we will use annual reports, 10K SEC filings and other publicly available reports for analysis. Industry reports, such as Hoovers, S&P, IBIS, Mintel, and so on will be used. Later on after this project is done, I will request for an oral presentation and Powerpoint (In a separate order). The oral presentation should summarize and highlight the key aspects of the written plan. Any secondary data used in the plan should be properly cited in footnotes using APA format. *Read the guidelines first, all the ppt is the book chapters summary, I would love to see one or two pages outline draft. Hello, I would like to know what company you chose to do the advertise plan, and one or two pages outline draft. Here is a good source for info: https://www(dot)cia(dot)gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/vt.html source..

Apple iPhone advertising campaign plan
Agency team members
Table of Contents
 TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329821" Executive summary  PAGEREF _Toc353329821 \h 4
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329822" Industry/Company Review  PAGEREF _Toc353329822 \h 4
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329823" Marketing summary  PAGEREF _Toc353329823 \h 5
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329824" Product Review/Buyer Analysis 7
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329825" Promotional Program Situation Analysis  PAGEREF _Toc353329825 \h 8
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329826" SWOT analysis  PAGEREF _Toc353329826 \h 8
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329827" Strengths:  PAGEREF _Toc353329827 \h 8
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329828" Weakness:  PAGEREF _Toc353329828 \h 9
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329829" Opportunities:  PAGEREF _Toc353329829 \h 10
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329830" Threats:  PAGEREF _Toc353329830 \h 10
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329831" Competitive Review  PAGEREF _Toc353329831 \h 11
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329832" Marketing strategies  PAGEREF _Toc353329832 \h 12
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329833" Marketing mix  PAGEREF _Toc353329833 \h 14
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329834" Product  PAGEREF _Toc353329834 \h 14
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329835" Pricing  PAGEREF _Toc353329835 \h 14
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329836" Place/ distribution  PAGEREF _Toc353329836 \h 15
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329837" Promotion  PAGEREF _Toc353329837 \h 16
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329838" Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning  PAGEREF _Toc353329838 \h 18
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329839" Customer requirements  PAGEREF _Toc353329839 \h 20
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329840" Communications Objectives & Budget Request  PAGEREF _Toc353329840 \h 20
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329841" Integrated Marketing Communications Program  PAGEREF _Toc353329841 \h 22
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329842" Creative Strategy Statement  PAGEREF _Toc353329842 \h 22
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329843" IMC Mix  PAGEREF _Toc353329843 \h 22
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329844" Specific Media Objectives/Mix  PAGEREF _Toc353329844 \h 22
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329845" Measuring IMC Program Effectiveness  PAGEREF _Toc353329845 \h 23
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329846" Evaluation Program  PAGEREF _Toc353329846 \h 23
 HYPERLINK \l "_Toc353329847" References  PAGEREF _Toc353329847 \h 24

Executive summary
Apple Inc is renowned for the production of innovative products the first launch of the iPhone in 2007 created much hype with regards to the company’s products. This advertising plan highlights on the role of market segmentation with the plan focusing on male consumers between the ages of 18- 35. Brand recognition and customer loyalty for Apple products provides opportunities to increase market pene...
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