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Authentic Leadership (Term Paper Sample)

Please include subheading and good transitions between each idea as well as a strong introduction and conclusion. Also, as a summary ... paper should include: *personal asset worksheet, *assumptions and beliefs of leadership, *personal mission statement, *creating a culture of critical reflection, *results from strength finder(my result is: Analytical, Focus, Belief, Strategic, Learner), *inventory of where you are currently:(Answer the following questions in as much detail and with as much honesty as possible: 1. To what extent do you eat right? Workout regularly, and get enough sleep? I care about what I eat usually and measure my weight regularly, I sleep 8 hours every day or slightly moor; its important for me to sleep well, working regularly not really, but I do sports almost every day to keep my fit, study but not every day. 2. Do you focus your attention on your most importation priorities? Are you as productive as you could be? I do focus my attention on my most importation priorities and give them priority usually but am not always as productive as you could be. 3. Are you motivated by a clear sense of purpose (here at school, life, and work) - a purpose that is something beyond your self interest? I have a look for the future that I want it for me, a goal for my live and a big goal for the world am living in. 4. Do you positively energize and inspire those you lead or manage (or those around you if you are not \\\"leading\\\" currently)? When I do what I Enjoy and lead the group or a company I am energize and inspire those who I lead or manage. 5. Are you eager and excited to get out of bed in the morning to tackle your day or do you continually hit the snooze? When I set my day program right as to sleep right after sun down and walkup before sunrise, yes I am eager to walkup and start my day, the answer is yes.) *how you will use your strengths, *and authentic leadership. please use this sources: 1- Strengths-Based Leadership - ISBN-13: 9781595620255 2- NEW Open Leadership - Li, Charlene - ISBN-13: 9780470597262 source..
Authentic Leadership
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Table of contents
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Table of contents PAGEREF _Toc310423840 \h 2Introduction PAGEREF _Toc310423841 \h 3Taking a position of leadership PAGEREF _Toc310423842 \h 4Developing a leadership philosophy PAGEREF _Toc310423843 \h 4Personal statement PAGEREF _Toc310423844 \h 5Personal work sheet PAGEREF _Toc310423845 \h 5Leadership Beliefs and Assumptions PAGEREF _Toc310423846 \h 6Leadership styles PAGEREF _Toc310423847 \h 8Attributes of an authentic leader PAGEREF _Toc310423848 \h 11Qualities of a leader PAGEREF _Toc310423849 \h 13Roles of leadership PAGEREF _Toc310423850 \h 14Critical Evaluation of how I can apply my strengths to ensure authentic Leadership PAGEREF _Toc310423851 \h 17Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc310423852 \h 20References PAGEREF _Toc310423853 \h 21
Leadership may be defined as the process of directing the behaviors of others towards successful accomplishment of some specific objectives as explained by (Montana and Charnov, 2008). (Judge et al, 2002) defined leadership as the process of organizing a group towards achieving a set goal. They observed that leadership calls for social influence in which the leader solicits for the support and engagement of others for achievement of a particular goal. (Judge et al, 2002) defined a leader as a person who has followers and argued that for one to lead, they must have earned the respect and confidence of those they lead.
As a social process, (Judge et al, 2002) noted that leadership is a complex activity that involves; influencing others, dealing with different personalities and being faced with diverse outcomes of the process. To achieve the desired goals of leadership, the leader has to have leadership qualities which are the personal attributes that constitute includes diverse characteristics such as values character, motivation, habits, traits, style, behaviors and skills. (Judge et al, 2002) explained that good leadership is important at work place for it helps to build a cohesive team that can achieve the organizational goals. A leader has other numerous roles in an organization such as that of inspiration, supervising and coordinating his subordinates. (Montana and Charnov, 2008) noted that there are different styles of leadership including authoritative leadership, democratic leadership and laissez-faire style all of which are a product of a personal philosophy. A leader may have formal authority or may not.
Leaders set the direction for the followers, and help them see what lies ahead. They help employees visualize what the organization sets to achieve. Without effective and authentic leadership, a group of people result into arguments and conflict since every member of the group sees things in a different way and hold onto different solutions. Leadership helps to harmonize our views towards achieving a particular goal. In the paper, I will al...
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