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Final Report: Managing an Office (Term Paper Sample)

http://www(dot)dohaup(dot)com/up/2012-04-19/admin1426409541.jpg just do what the paper says and make sure to write everything in your own words, and not just copy it as it is from the internet or any other source. source..

Final Report: Managing an Office
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(April 19, 2012)
Final Report: Managing an Office
Office management is a wide topic, with many differentiated sub-topics on how to effectively run an office. The main purpose of the study is to ensure that employees have good etiquette in serving their customers. This paper will seek to analyze the effectiveness of various office activities such as communication, customer service, telephone techniques, time management, business meetings, record managements and ergonomics.
Effective Communication
It is the responsibility of an office to provide efficient communication within the firm. Effective communication mainly entails a free flow of information in all directions. It is the responsibilities of organization managers to ensure that there is a free flow of information within the firm. The perception of information being communicated matters a lot. For instance, if the information is positively perceived within the organization, then it certainly results to an increased output. In most cases, managers give instructions through the already established communication channels within an office. Examples of the communication channels used to disseminate information include emails, placing a memo on the noticeboard and calling for a meeting. When giving this instruction the intended audience is required to have appropriate listening skills. The audience should listen to the message patiently, comprehend it and then react to or against it. In case of a positive message, positive feedback should be expected, while a negative feedback should be expected for an undesirable message. It is not always the case for the audience to give direct feedback, but in some cases they may use body language to respond to a given message. There is however both positive and negative body language in which the audience may choose to respond to given information. In case the message is positively perceived then positive body language such as nodding of the head may be used to mean acceptance.
True Colors
Effective communication however should be able to bring out the true character of a person. In other words such communication should be able to bring out the true colors of a person within the firm. People within the organization should be able to identify their colleague`s strength and weakness, since such knowledge will enable them learn on how to efficiently coexist with one another. Managers and supervisors on the other hand should be able to efficiently understand the abilities of their subordinates, since such knowledge will help them ensure efficient communication between them. Since different people have different understanding levels, it is the responsibility of the managers to ensure that they use appropriate communication channels to suit them. For those who require close attention while communicating a given message, then proper time schedule should be set aside for the...
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