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Communication Technologies in Organizations (Term Paper Sample)

communication technology in organizations and develop a seven to ten page paper that analyzes the chosen research topic . The paper should at least reflect the following: Application of a well conceived problem statement; Use of a problem solving model; Research on potential solutions and a clear decision on a solution; Creation of implementation strategy Consideration of success measurement techniques source..

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(06, December, 2010)
Communication Technologies in Organizations
For an organization to be successful, it must have effective communication skills. The employees in the company should be free to communicate to the outside world without problems. Technology is paramount to attain this. Thus, the managerial department should embrace this and encourage their employee to use the technology. This will help them work faster, work efficiently and became more productive. Technology gives everyone the power to unite with the whole world and get instant information; this makes the organization be more competitive (Aldrich, 1972).
The technology changes the ways of thinking and even doing things. When an organization experience a problem, with the existing technology the company can access solution very fast. Technology has increased hope and optimism as it shows the potential to solve perennial problem in human race.
The information technology in any organization according to Galbraith, 1973 can be divided into two. Some technology can be used to benefit the people involved while the can be used to harm the society. The technology has the capability of uniting the community and the organization restoring environmental consciousness and promoting the cohesiveness in the societies (Strube & Wender, 2003). However, the marginalized group can be left out in the long ran as the technology is so demanding. It makes these people to be excluded from participating in the roaming revolution of telecommunication.
The technology acts like a tool in the organization. It involves reading procedures and its language appropriately. It uses symbols and has some values. Thus, it influences the end user and mostly the organization. Technology is an avenue that provides connection all over the world promoting globalization (Galbraith, 1973).
Globalization in itself concerns on how well an organization is publicized. In globalization, language matters a lot. The other characteristic is the efficiency of the mode of technology. Efficiency and the productivity of the organization is increased thus communication protocol became so cheap globally. This helps the organization to relocate its plant to other countries with a lot of ease. Therefore, the outsourcing of the resources from other countries becomes very fast. This has helped the organization increase their productivity as their business is relocated to countries with lower environmental conditions of employment.
Communication technologies in the organization have been intensified by the globalization. This is because it has fostered economic development in the world. It made the technology to get to places where it was least expected in a very short time possible. Globalization has lead to unity in the world making the organization to increase their business more easily. Nevertheless, it has als...
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