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RNA-seq Data Analysis Mathematics & Economics Statistics Project (Statistics Project Sample)


The number of words is slightly more than one page. According to the instruction, you need to provide a quote or a source


Instructions: We have covered three different types of datasets so far: RNA-seq, GWAS, and ChlP-seq. You will need to find a scientific publication that utilizes one of the three datasets and write a one-page review on the paper. Your review must contain the following:
A brief review of the goal, key findings and conclusion of the paper.
What type of dataset or databases is used in the study? Is the dataset publicly available? If so, where. What is the data structure and are there metadata available?
A review of the statistical analyses used in the paper.
Some comments and critiques about the analytical steps. Do you agree with their findings and interpretation? What alternative suggestions or improvements would you recommend and why?


Student’s Name:
RNA-seq Data Analysis
The publication is intended to validate the need for new methods of analyzing Gene Ontology for RNA-seq data, and mainly focuses on the GOseq method. GO analysis generally helps in minimizing complication and highlighting biological processes in the studies of genome-wide expression. It provides exceptional detail regarding the transcriptional background of organisms. However, standard analysis methods tend to give biased results. As such, there is need for developing techniques that incorporate the technical characteristics of the RNA-seq output. The published data sets comprise of over 17M short cDNA reads acquired for the untreated and treated cell-line and run on Illumina's 1G analyzer. The reads were drawn again back to the original genome and the number of reads per gene recorded.

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