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Stats Writing Project Mathematics & Economics Statistics Project (Statistics Project Sample)


Statistics are an important part of business, medical, life sciences and social science research. STAT is designed to give the students an appreciation and understanding of the use of descriptive and inferential statistics. Students gain an appreciation for how descriptive and inferential statistics are used in everyday life and in research; how to analyze a set of data; and how to critique the use of statistics by others. This course does not assume any prior exposure to statistics. Students will work with real data via descriptive statistics, graphing data, conducting tests, and interpreting results. The project write-up is meant to address the content of the aforementioned paragraph. As mentioned, several times in class, your write-up of the results of the data analysis from the survey is quite open-ended. For those of you who insist on guidelines, here are some suggestions: 1 Introduction 2. Data collection method 3.Describe the data 4. Data Analysis, including summary measures, graphs, interpreting the results of your analysis, etc. 5. Inference/conclusion


Survey instrument


Do you regularly consume a beverage?

  • Yes (1)
  • No (2)

What type of beverage do you regularly consume?

  • Hot (1)
  • Cold (2)

What is the preferred taste of your favorite beverage?

  • Sweetened (1)
  • Unsweetened (2)

On average how many ounces of your favorite beverage do you consume weekly?


On average how much do you spend weekly on your favorite beverage?


Student Name
Professor Name
Statistics Project
The consumption of energy drinks or non-alcoholic beverages has increased among college students in recent years. In 1997, Red Bull (an energy drink) gained tremendous popularity. It now has a higher market share than other beverages or energy drinks in the world. It is believed that more than 6 billion cans of Red Bull are sold every year. Over 400 new energy drinks were marketed in 2006, and beverage companies that launched these drinks are now enjoying huge success. Other than Red Bull, drinks like Rock Star, Amp Monster, Cocaine, and Full Throttle provide consumers (especially students) with a lot of energy. These are often regarded as energy boosters, but their excessive or unwise use is not good for human health. It should be noticed that every beverage or energy drink contains 70 to 140 mg of caffeine per 7 ounces. Almost all energy drinks contain a lot of sugar. For instance, one can of Red Bull contains up to 25 grams of sugar per 7 ounces. The size of these cans has also been increased in order to facilitate consumers in a better way. Do energy drinks provide college students with as much energy as is advertised on television and social media? Yes, they do. The purpose of this report is to highlight what types of beverage or energy drink consumption patterns are present in college students and what are their side effects.

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