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The Rocking - Horse Winner: Story Telling Technique, Beginning vs. the End (Speech Presentation Sample)


MLA format speech presentation , MLA the original order , no power point ( speech presentation of The Rocking -Horse Winner by D H Lawrence )
take the short story apart and analyzed it :
what is the significance of the title ?
How is the story told? Who is the narrator? What narrative perspective is used? What is the tone of the language ? Is the narrator reliable?
Look closely at the opening and ending .What does the author and narrator focus on ? What is the main point that's the story makes?
How's the character transform in the story?
What is the mayor theme of the history? Are there any minor themes?
What are the symbols or other figurative elements in the story ?
What is the cultural /historical/social context of the history and how they contribute to the development of the story?
What's the author background as it relates to the story ? Does it relate to the story?
What seems to be the author primary goal/purpose in writing this short story? What does the text mean ?What does it have to say to us as readers?

The Rocking -Horse Winner
The significance of the Title
This title of this short story is very important not only to the author but also in the establishment of more meaning to the details of the story (Stern 56) The story bears the key words of the events taking place in the story. The part of the title, the rocking horse describes the nature of the horse that Paul uses in making a furious race as he is in the mission to make his prediction about the winner of the race. The addition of the word winner does not imply that Paul's rocking horse wins but is an implication that through the riding of the rocking horse, Paul has the lucky experience of being able to predict the winner of the race.
Story Telling Technique
This particular story is told in the form of a narration of the events which are taking place in the play. Most of the ideas and the events taking place in the story are availed to the audience through narration. Descriptively, the story narrator is a third person individual who has had experience with the events characterizing the lives of the characters. The narration technique is in such a way that it covers for all the events with the stories told by the single omniscient narrator (Stern 83). The narrator is not present amongst the characters of the story hence is simply narrating from a third party perspective.
The Tone and Reliability of the Narrator
This story is filled with various elements of tonal variation from the narrator and hence the entire story. From the beginning, there is a woman who is not satisfied with her life because of the levels of dissatisfaction that she claims to have about her marriage. The husband is not able to provide enough for the family; hence, the family ends up in heavy debts. This woman considers herself unlucky for finding herself in such a marriage. This incident is a clear indication of the fact that the story has some element of a sad tone (Catalog of Copyright Entries 107-110). The woman also does not have any love for her children and Paul, he son is fully aware of this idea. He languishes in accepting the fact that his mother does not have the passion towards him like he expects a mother to love her own child. The idea of having to live with the fact that your biological parent does not love you has been used by Lawrence to provide additional examples of the painful feelings that characterize the life of this character. In a tonal shift, some elements of happy tone and hope come into play when the family uses Paul's abilities and the so-called lack to earn a lot of income in the form of bet winnings, a condition that enables them to be...
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