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5 Minutes Speech Presentation: Bruce Jenner Sex Change (Speech Presentation Sample)


Hello , ( Oral presentation ) I need a five minute (5 minute ) persuasive speech on the research paper of the order #00037410 Bruce Jenner Sex Change ( I attached it to this order too , please see the attached research paper ) . Please use the same sources and the same thing like you used in the research paper of the order #00037410. I believe 5 minute are meant for 1 minute for each page Thank you

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Bruce Jenner Sex Change
Greetings to all, this speech surrounds the controversial issue of sex change focusing on Bruce Jenner. Welcome.
From the religious standpoint, creation was intended to have two sexes –male and female, marriage between husband and wife being the center of family creation. However, the western world and many other parts of the world are filled with a wave of transgender activism. This overflow of the gay rights movement is implying that male and female distinctiveness, no longer matter in society as they are just social constructs. It is now being argued that gender is dynamic and changeable (Slater). Other than being just male or female, a person’s gender identity is more about how people think and express themselves under the constructs of "gender identity" and "gender expression”. Mr. Bruce Jenner’s recent revelation of his transgender condition is one true case of how the topic is troubling in the general public view (Bernstein).
For years there have been a series of speculations following on Mr. Jenner’s transformations in physical appearance (Yahr). This was, however justified finally by his historic interview with Diane Sawyer in April 2015 where he openly declared that he is a woman. According to Mr. Jenner, the show was the last time he would appear in public as Bruce. For years, Mr. Jenner confirmed to have has issues with his sexuality and had even had cross dressing issues with his former two wives’. He confirmed that he has been taking hormones since 1980s and once took facial reconstructive plastic surgery (McDonagh).
From the Mr. Jenner story, several questions surface surrounding the topic of transgender. First, it is critical that we understand the actual definition of the term gender itself. Just as biodiversity is important to the survival of the planet earth as argued scientifically, so it is in regards to human gender and sexualities (Yahr). It is improper to continue thinking of unusual gender or sexual conformities as mistakes or unnatural. It is fair enough to beyond the right or wrong, heterosexual or homosexual aspect of things when referring to sexuality and gender issues of humanity. It is, therefore, critical that people begin to view, appreciate and understand the v...
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