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Personal Statement: Management (Speech Presentation Sample)


I would like the writer to check my grammar and improve my ideas, you need to review the ideas from my draft, maybe using another word choice, please make it looks like a personal statement. I will provide the website which is the information about this statement.

Business study has been my interest since my early year when I visited my grandfather’s company, also my learning process stat in 10th grade. My intended major is human resource management; with the second option is marketing. My decision has been shaped by servel primary influences, my origin, goals, family background, and my working experience. I desire to further my education experience and attain a great success from University of Washington. I believe I would receive a better quality and depth of education, and involves in the pioneering works that effectively correspond to the field of my interest.

Business study has been my major interest ever since my early years of childhood. When I visited my grandfather’s company, I took part in learning new things, a process that started in my 10th grade. This motivated me to venture into the business world in the future.
My intended major is on human resource management; with the second option of marketing. My decision has been shaped by several significant influences that include my origin, goals, family background, and my working experiences. With this, I have developed the desire to further my educational experience and attain great success from the University of Washington. I believe I would, for this reason, receive a better quality in-depth education, which involves the pioneering of ideas that effectively correspond to my field of interest.
I reside from Hong Kong, and I have lived there all my life. My grandfather is an accountant and the chairman of a financial institution in my country. My father too studies statistics and together they have influenced my life because they are successful in their careers. In my family, we uphold values that allow us to be independent and more responsible in life. My parents have been proud of me due to the challenges I took in starting work to support myself. They are obliged to pay for my needs, but I think it is imperative that I support myself. In as much as I respect their feelings towards this, I would also like to be more responsible for my life and that of my parents.
All this years, I have worked close to 40 hours a week to afford my living expenses such as, rent, food, and part of tuition. As a student and a service worker at a sushi restaurant that operates from 10 am to 8pm, my academic performance has been greatly affected. I hardly find a balance in time management between my study and work. However, I try to finish my work as soon as possible in order to study. During my break at work, I take time to listen to voice records from my class in order to review what has been covered in my absence. This way I can at least manage my schedule effectively.
Besides this, my working skills at the hotel sharpen my experience as iron does iron. As they say, experience is the best teacher; I believe I am getting what could not be covered in a class setting. As I mentioned earlier, my intended major is on human resource management; with a second option in marketing, I believe I have the capacity and the readiness to enroll for my intended course at this time. I made a decision in these fields because they revolve ar...
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