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Sase Speaking to Persuade: Global Warming (Speech Presentation Sample)


Note: Module 4 SLP should be completed before the Module 4 Case.
Prepare a persuasive speech that would be no less than two minutes in length in which you persuade your audience to either be for or against a fact, value, or policy, or to act/do something.
Oftentimes a more controversial issue will provoke an audience more than one that no one really cares about. Be sure to steer clear of topics that are overdone. These include abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia, etc.
In your speech you must verbally cite two different sources during your speech and incorporate those sources into the body of your outline from the Module 4 SLP assignment.
You may use 4x6 note cards and deliver your remarks extemporaneously (not memorized or read word for word).
This speech must be submitted in video format (Webcam or Smart Device). Also, please make sure to stabilize your camera before recording and filter any background noise. Your speech should be a minimum of 2 minutes in length. If your speech is more than 4 minutes long or 85 MB, you will need to compress your files before uploading. Please submit an e-ticket from the TLC homepage if you have problems uploading due to file size.
MyTLC Courses only supports the following media formats: SWF, MPG, MPEG, RM, MP3, MP4*, M4V*, M4A*, AVI, WAV, RAM, ASF, MOV, and RA.
Please stand for your speech delivery and be aware that your dress is important to speech delivery. In some cases, your attire can act as a visual aid. Inappropriate and distracting clothing (e.g., text printed on shirt, graphics, and loud colors) and accessories (e.g., sparkly and noisy jewelry) can prevent your speech from being received well or interpreted correctly, and can hinder the establishment of the speaker/audience relationship.
Assignment Expectations
Create a persuasive speech (no less than two minutes in length) and record in video format (Webcam or Smart Device).


Institutional Affiliation;
Global Warming
That many of us, today are here remains a recognition in the fact that threats from climate are considerably becoming an issue in the world today and is steadily growing. This generation's approach to these matters will be apparently judged by the course of history for if we fail to respond to these problems now-efficiently, boldly and in unity-we are at a high risk of leading the future tomorrow into an irretrievable disaster.
These apparently are not my words, but the words of President Barrack Obama during his advent of the global warming speech in the United States Summit in the year 2009. Reasoning from the Presidents perspective, it significant to realize that the globe is warming today at a first rate. Temperatures in the planets are, according to scientists rising at an incredible rate. According to reports on climate change, the global temperatures will be increasingly rising from time and again, a factor that will see the melting of the polar caps. In the event that the facets of the atmosphere melt up, many nations will be merged in deep waters, with great buildings, monuments, homes and lives both in the land and in the water under water (Radovanović, Ducić, & Mukherjee, 2014). My question today is what can we do to ensure that we handle the effects of global warming as the President of the United States stated?
The answer to global warming is, therefore, simple than we would think. ACTION, ACTION, ACTION. We do not have to travel miles and miles away to change the actions of others, but we have to start with us. If we follow the simple steps I will provide within, then we are in the course of saving the world from this atrocity. First and foremost, we need to plant a tree (Radovanović, This sounds easier as it seems, but the truth is that when we collaborate together in helping local wildlife entities to ensure that trees are planted, we reduce the temperatures that are steadily growing by a percentage. When the trees are fully grown, the planet turns cooler ...
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