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Property Research Paper On Demographics State Of California (Research Proposal Sample)


Find a property in California and write a property research paper that persuade investors, buyers and other audiences to buy or invest this property.
The paper should include some cash flow of the property and 5 years forecasting. It is fine to have some charts in the paper or appendix at the end. But those are not count as 10-15 pages.
An “A” level report needs secondary research that goes beyond the company per se, as the report is expected to be primarily analytical in nature as opposed to being descriptive. The recommended length of the report is 10-15 double-spaced pages exclusive of appendices and cover page. Substantial primary and/or secondary research is expected. All sources should be cited appropriately using APA format.
Papers will be graded on the following criteria:
1. Demonstration of original, logical, strategic thinking including a complete analysis of the research question and persuasive conclusion/recommendation.
2. Quality of research (depth, breadth, appropriateness) and proper acknowledgement of references, including complete citations, when appropriate.
3. Clear and thorough application of finance concepts, principles, and tools.
4. Professionally formatted report including professionally appropriate language, accurate spelling, correct grammar, and logical organization.


Desert Properties
Institutional Affiliation
Desert Properties
Real estate as an industry is a significant sector of the economy in terms of substantial development (Manning et. al., 2018). The sector has witnessed lots of costly investments and creation of thousands of employment opportunities. As a result of ever increasing demand for real estate, the sector has been developing over the years. Additionally, the ready market for property has led to the establishment of many companies involved in construction. This research paper singles out Desert Properties of Coachella Valley in California. The paper focuses on investment and marketing strategies, as well as other important aspects of real estate.
Mission Statement
Desert Properties has a mission to establish assets over the next five years. This implies that a portfolio of real estate assets will generate a supplementary source of retirement income. In the bid to maintain the culture and improve productivity, the company assumes a conservative approach on current principals to retain their employment on a full time basis. Desert properties are invests in two properties every year. This year, Desert Properties is managing Condos in Palm Desert, with offices at El Paseo. This property company operates in such a way that it purchases residential units. The units are selected on the basis of potential return on investment after rehabilitation or renovation is completed. In the long run, Desert Properties also invests on subsequent residential properties, which are rented out as incoming generating asset. This is supplementary equity investment to proceeds from sales of previously sold units. In end, the rented units are subject to long term appreciation.
The major objectives of the Desert Properties include:
* To purchase low valued residential properties to generate monthly income after renovation and rehabilitation. To rent purchased units on market value, which appreciates in the long run.
* To engage in identification, evaluation, acquisition and sale of real estate properties for disposition or sale.
* To ensure that newly acquired residential properties are well rehabilitated or renovated
* To assume management of properties that are rented for the long term with regards to residential properties
* To manage real estate assets portfolio
Keys to Success
The main keys that has led to the success of Desert Properties include;
* Purchase of properties that are undervalued- The long term of short term gains are dictated by the amount of discount at which the properties are acquired.
* The company ensures that all the acquisitions, renovation or rehabilitation are done within the budgeted amount. The activities are also completed according to schedule
* The company only considers those opportunities that have specific attributes and conditions such as the option for immediate resale after rehabilitation or renovation after the short term gain is complete.
* The property management strives to identify occupants during the periods of rehabilitation or renovation so as to ensure occupancy immediately after completion.
* The property management ensures that cash flow is generated to address expenses and debt. The move provides funds for new property acquisitions. The cash flow is usually drawn from rental incomes.
* The company ensures that all the properties are at about 92% occupancy particularly on rental properties.
* Desert Properties allocates a 5% projected overall cash-on-cash return on all assets.
For these reasons, Desert Properties provides viable investment ...

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