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Feasibility Comparison between International & U.S.Market for Rooster’s Organic (Research Proposal Sample)


Hi, you will need to do some research on organic compost industry online collecting data and analyzing them. And then write a research proposal of the Feasibility Comparison between International (Chinese) & U.S. Market for Rooster’s Organic. Please read the attached instruction file very carefully and follow the instructions. I am also attaching a powerpoint slides of the company which can provide you with more insights about the company we study for. Rooster’s Organic is a small business company. You can do the analysis from 2 aspects: small business development & organic compost industry. The proposal does require of some data analysis. Please make sure you will use excel to show numbers, calculations and graphs. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions. Thank you!!
important from customer: "It will need some data analysis in the paper. like to use excel
I notice that the rate of research proposal is a lot higher than normal ones
I hope it will be worth it"


Feasibility comparison between international (Chinese) & U.S. market for rooster’s organic
Rooster’s organic manure and compost is rich in organic matter and nutrients and has great potential for use in agriculture as an organic fertilizer that is useful for sustainability. Organic manure has higher content of organic matter and this contributes to the improvement of the biological, chemical and physical properties of the environment, which is associated with agricultural sustainability (Raviv, 2013). There has been growing interest in using organic compost as there fewer the environmental risks of its use, and the organic compound is potentially beneficial in supporting agriculture in the long term. Using Rooster’s organic in agriculture makes it possible to substitute the fertilizer for organic manure and compost.
Industry Analysis (both Chinese and US)
There has been growing interest in using organic compost in China, and especially as there hare have been cases of food safety concerns in the recent years. Organic farming is increasingly popular as more people are better informed about how food is grown while organic food is more expensive, as people’s income rise more people organic food is affordable. One of the biggest changes in the organic compost industry is who trust when there are thousands of certified organic products, but little information on the producers. The certification process is less robust than the U.S. and the government offers more support to the farmers and researchers.
There are various organic farming communities and organists and with the advent of the internet it is easier to disseminate information on organic compost and foods. Composing reduces waste and is an important component of sustainability and improving soil vitality. There has been support from government and states in the past, but improved technology and composing consciousness has been vital to the growth of the industry (Mendoza, 2015). Many of the organic materials are composed including past residual, but the animal manure industry is still growing. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proved basic information composting laws, environmental benefits, explanation about the composting process and relevant regulations.
Costs and Profits Estimation of Exporting
Costs and Profits Estimation of Exporting
Costs and Profits Estimation of Exporting$8,595 Cost of transportation and taxes$1,500 Costs$10,095 Profit $3,028.50 Sales$13,123.50 
Costs and Profits Estimation in the US MarketCostsTotal costscost per acre/hrCost per acre$15 Cost bags per 100 sq ft$1.55 Planning, bookkeeping and administration$2,000 Materials on site$3,000 Equipment $1,200 Labor costs (per hour) [ 6 people, 4 hrs/ day]$1,195 $8.30 Marketing costs$1,200 Input costs$8,595 Profit$2,578.56 Sales$11,173.76 

Source :<  HYPERLINK "" >
According to a report by Persistence Market Research as reported by MarketWatch, the global solid organic fertilizers are projected to grow at 6.2% CAGR, liquid organic fertilizers' growth rate is estimated to be 5.1% I the years 2017/2025. The US, EU, China and Japan remain the biggest market for compost and growth in these regions partly depends demand and supply, consumer awareness, consumer buyer buying patterns and economic factors
Feasibility Comparison between International (Chinese) & U.S. Market

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