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Vancity: Research Another Canadian Company On Maclean (Research Proposal Sample)


Only do the research.

      Vancity Name Institution Date
1] Research another Canadian company on Maclean’s magazine’s current list of Canada’s top 100 employers. Compare and contrast that company’s programs and incentives to those offered at Vancity. Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is another company that has been identified as one of the top 100 employees in Canada. The banking firm offers up to five days off, which can be included in the health benefits plan (Eluta, 2017). Additionally, the company offers retiree health coverage and there are no age limits to the health benefits (Eluta, 2017). BDC also supports work-life balance allowing the flexible working hours, shortened work weeks and reduced summer hours.  Similarly, Vancity offers health benefits allowing the employees to save for the future as the benefit program is flexible and adaptable. However, Vancity employees can customize the benefit program depending on their needs and age (Vancity, 2017). Permanent employees receive health coverage including dental, disability, AD & D as well a life insurance (Vancity, 2017). Vanctity’s benefit and reward system is comprehensive offering vacations and time off when necessary to support work-life balance including vocation allowance, flexible time options as well as maternity and paternity leave. Additionally, Vancity identifies investment programs that build resilient communities and ensure there is a healthy future for the employees and communities. In the case of BDC, there is an unpaid leave of absence and profit sharing options in the company, and the maximum vacation allowance is 5 weeks over the employees’ careers (Eluta, 2017). For both companies the working conditions are good and there are efforts to improve them, and BD C communicates to the employees using the company’s site, email, newsletter and the suggestion box.       2] Locate the most current Accountability Report for Vancity. Complete a social audit to determine which social responsibility strategy Vancity is pursuing. Vancity identifies accountability scorecard measures that evaluate the effectiveness of the accountability strategies at the company. The stakeholders were asked about the company’s contribution to the community. Additionally, the company identifies socially responsible investments and impact of such investments.  The firm has made environmental commitments to enhance environment sustainability targeting the communities and firm’s stakeholders to facilitate this. Vancity focuses on value based banking and shares values with the stakeholders to improve the welling of those involved while enhancing corporate success. Vancity’s strategies highlights the relationship between people, profits and the planet, and the three are important aspects to the success of the firm that thrives while supporting socially responsible investment.  Social responsible investing considers the social good associated with company activities and the financial returns. It is possible to have a better world when creating wealth and the corporate culture at Vancity is aligned with the need to preserve long-term value (Vancity, 2017). As such, the company chooses to invest in companies who improve the communalities and the environment, since values and social responsibility are all considered when making decisions. Vancity integrates sustainable strategies in business operations through working together with the various private and public stakeholders including the community, suppliers, and communit...
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