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Marketing Plan – Walmart Marketing Strategy (Research Proposal Sample)


Stage One of Marketing Plan
1) Company Profile
2) 5 year Financial Overview
3) Current Market Situation
a) Market Description
b) Product Review
c) Competitive Review
d) Channel & Logistics Review
follow all the instructions and read the ppt slides carefully.


Marketing Plan – Walmart
[Name of the Student]
[Name of the Institute]
Marketing Plan – Walmart
Company Profile
Walmart Inc. is considerably a well-known American Public cooperation founded by James Lawrence Walton and Moore Walton in 1962. Walmart is deliberated as one of the largest retailers in regards to its revenue and number of workers internationally. The retailer has been serving more than 29 billion consumers every week with the help of its channel of 11000 stores in approximately 28 countries. It operates with different names in diverse countries. The competitive advantages of the marketing strategy of Walmart are considerably viewed as USP by lowest price, broad product assortments, and its operations. Walmart is running its operations globally and has grown somewhat erratically. Moreover, the current market share has increased by 4.07% last year (Huchzermeier, 2016).
Market description
Walmart falls in the retailing industry with several competitors. Walmart is considered as an acknowledged leader in the retail industry. Walmart consumers are both retail and wholesale customers. Retail consumers are mainly working-class individuals in almost all groups, people who are looking for value specifically for money and dairy products at a low price all the time. Moreover, it has been viewed that targeted consumers of the corporation are a middle and upper-income group who are in search of best possible deals and discounts in terms of purchasing the necessities. The company puts several efforts to satisfy their target customer's needs and wants, for instance, Walmart has made it convenient to lower paid scale people to shop at their stores while offering products at cheap prices and offer discounts. The majority of the targeted customers are satisfied with the overall shopping experience. In addition, Walmart similarly focuses on building customer loyalty in order to increase customer satisfaction.
Walmart has several competitors such as Costco, Amazon, K-Mart, TESCO and numerous local stores located near Walmart. It competes with national, global and local supermarket giants in diverse formats of the retail stores. Further, the prime focus of Walmart strategic marketing is considerably Walmart's segmentation, targeting and positioning. Wal-Mart uses a single segment positioning, whereby Wal-Mart's marketing management attracts a single customer base. Compared to other attributes, they attribute great value to the attributes of the product price. It is important to note that, despite the fact that Wal-Mart is trying to spread the word through their market introduction to consumers of all ages, to the strategic importance of making the loyalty of young consumers, with a point of Long-term view, young consumers are paying close attention to the X generation. In addition to low-cost Walmart promises itself Millemials, which combines social media marketing in their marketing communication plan. To date, this strategy has proven effective.
Product Overview
Walmart is exceptionally a multinational retailer, it comprises of varieties of products and brands which individuals

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