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Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (Research Paper Sample)


Research proposal and requirements

A). Each student needs to write one research proposal (about 2,000words). Students have freedom to choose their own interested topicsunder a broad theme of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”.
B). I intend the individual research proposal to, in addition to issues ofpracticalities

Be structured around enquiring a central question designed to stimulate academic interest and curiosity

• Specify research objectives and rationale

• Make a clear hypothesis that the particular insight could be developed to the topic in question by an appropriate perspective

• Engage with a critical review of influential studies and identify research gaps

• Elaborate the workable methodology

• Anticipate the possible implications

Guide for a research proposal


A research proposal is the plan of academic enquiry and discovery. It can be viewed as a written statement to present the exact focus of study and then to plan a research design. It should be structured around enquiring a central question designed to stimulate academic interest and curiosity. For this course, each student needs to write one research proposal (1,500 to 2,000 words). Students have freedom to choose their own interested topics under a broad theme of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”.

Points to choosing a topicPhenomena or issues that annoy or frustrate you

• Phenomena or issues that are receiving much media coverage which you think will be interesting to probe further

• Phenomena that rise a number of questions that you feel need answers

Questions you need to answer in a research proposal

What is the specific objective of my research project? (research questions)

• Why am I dong a project on this subject? What motivated the study? (project background; reasons)

• What are the important issues the project will investigate?

• How can I deal with my research questions? (methodology)


Professor’s name:
Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
The ruling Communist Party of China (CCP), through its powerful leaders or leading Chairpersons, has initiated major changes in the country’s political, social, and social being. Under the iconic Chairman Mao, for instance, the party embarked on a reform and opening agenda in 1978 upon which the major transitional changes witnessed in China today are based. At the 1978 congressional gathering of the CCP embarked on a development process that would be characterized by a revamped agricultural sector, improved industrialization, strengthening of the national defense, and embracing advance in science and technology to drive its economic agenda. The reform agenda was formulated and pushed forward by one of China’s most influential leaders by the name Deng Xiaoping whose application of socialist ideologies based on Chinese cultural background forms the backbone of the country’s leadership. Thus, socialism with Chinese characteristics is a theoretic concept unveiled by Deng Xiaoping to drive the reform and opening agenda tasked with transforming the nation into the four primary areas of concern. The ideology’s conception and application followed a rigorous process of adaptation to the ever-changing needs of the country at both the domestic and international level. Besides highlighting its distinct features, the article also provides a historical background of socialism with Chinese characteristics and its evolution or rather its adaptations to the political, economic, and social changes occurring in China and the world at large from the time of inception to date.
China is gradually establishing its position in the global platform through its diverse presence in the political, social, and economic realms. The country currently sits in second place on the hierarchy of leading economies around the world after the United States. Among the indicators of the rapid economic growth is the significant reduction in the country’s poverty levels that is projected to maintain a constant reduction rate over the coming years. The country’s political or governance ideology is based on the ruling party’s congressional deliberations during which nationalistic views, ideas, and policies are formulated and implemented for the greater good of the nation. The Communist Party of China’s founding ideology, socialism with Chinese characteristics is at the core of the major development strides that the country continues to make in fields such as the manufacturing industry while it also makes its presence known in emerging matters such as security and environmental awareness campaigns.
Literature Review
Deng Xiaoping’s speech in the 1982’s twelfth congressional convention of the Communist Party of China lays out the foundation upon which the concept of socialism with Chinese characteristics manifests. In differentiating between Marxism and socialism, Deng challenges the nation to face the facts of the former and apply its truths in recognition and or appreciation of the reality of matters in China CITATION Liu \l 1033 (Jianwu). The views of the CCP’s leader are integral in developing a comprehensive understanding of the features of the concept and their diverse applications. However, the revered Chinese leader fails to elaborate on the intricate details of the application as it later emerges that the concept borrows a lot from capitalism. Professor Liu Jianwu from Hunan University of Science and Technology provides some interesting revelations on what the concept really means by comparing and contrasting it to the known concepts such as capitalism and Marxists definition of socialism. In his article ti...

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