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The Fast Food Industry (Research Paper Sample)

General research paper on the fast food industry -Fast food health concerns -How fast food businesses became successful -Fast foods effects on environment -How fast food is changing in 2011 -General fast food industry trends source..
Topic: Fast Food Industry Name: Course: Instructor`s name: Date: Abstract This paper on Fast food industry covers a detailed exploration of the fast food industry to in order to identify new emerging issues in the field of fast foods industry. The paper also significantly projects about the future rends of this economy that is growing tremendously fast. It identifies fast food in a specific region or nation and provides sequence details about that particular market. Experts with experience in economics, politics, and the restaurant industry can be involved in the projections of fast food industry analysis. Health concerns From the time fast foods services were established the chain gangs have intensely emerged throughout the preceding decades. The values of nutrition in fast food providers as well as in the provisions made have diminished as the demand for convenience exploded throughout America. This is due to the many health effects than advantages that those who access these services pose. It has been noted that eating frequently at fast food products leads teens and young adults to gain more weight. This emerging lifestyle poses an increased risk of developing insulin resistance to those practicing it, according to the recent study of National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Increased obesity and diabetes in most countries and particularly the US and necessitates this study which extensively highlights on the value of healthy eating habits. After a considerable number of years evaluation on those who eat from fast-food restaurants, meal indicators showed that the eating pattern was more than twice each week as compared to less than once a week. This culture of eating out at fast food has made client to gain an extra ten pounds besides the two-fold increase in insulin resistance that is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Another emerging health challenge besides the risk of contracting diabetes is obesity, which is a serious health problem and causer of heart diseases. Most clients of fast foods restaurants would feel better about eating food with the conviction that employees who made it wear protective gear as well as preparing food from safe environment. Fast foods effects on environment Another thing is the environmental degradation through littering of dirt that is done by both restaurants staffs and clients. Besides, some employees of fast foods occasionally take out the protective wear used in sanitation services but rather continue to use them at food handling. This practice might stand as a health risk that would cause food poisoning, diarrhea and other bacterial diseases to customers. For instance, one client is sited to have lodged complains by claiming that a staff who suffered from a viral disease was serving meals to clients. This conduct was preceded by numerous clients falling for the same disease besides food poisoning. This reckless behaviour has really dealt massive doubts on the health well being of clients who continue to frequent fast food services. Fast food businesses became successful In the US fast-food consumption has significantly increased over the past few decades. Most observation realized that it is extremely difficult to exercise healthy eating habits in fast-food restaurants. This is even after some of their recent healthful provisions, the set of c...
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