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Research The Recent Conflict Between Russia & Ukraine (Research Paper Sample)


Your paper assignment is to explain a past event or series of events in international relations using the theories and concepts from the course. Generally, better papers focus on more narrow and less common topics.
-- You need at least SEVEN academic quality sources. Your bibliography will not count towards your paper length. Three of your minimum SEVEN sources can be academic quality news sources, e.g., The New York Times or The Washington Post or Wall Street Journal. The other four must come from academic journals or books. If you are uncertain if a source is of academic quality, it probably is not. E.g., if your source does not have a listed author, it probably is not of academic quality and not suitable for this assignment.
-- You should use at least one of the course materials as an academic source, but only one will count towards your seven sources.
-- The seven sources is the minimum number. Again, do not rely on just the readings from the course, but you need to use at least one of the course readings in your research. It will serve as the primary starting point in developing your explanation.
-- Again, you will need to do additional independent research. Wikipedia and the like are NOT appropriate sources. Sources that you find using basic Google are generally not of academic quality.
-- Avoid writing in the first person. In most cases, it weakens academic writing. For example, avoid writing, "I think the conflict started because side A feared the growth of side B." Write instead, "The conflict started because side A feared the growth of side B."
-- Your argument should be positive, not normative.

Institution of Affiliation
The Recent Conflict between Russia and Ukraine
Conflict is defined as a form of disagreement emanating from one or more individuals, groups or communities. These individuals are resistant towards each other’s approach either psychologically, politically or emotionally. Conflict is evident if there are opposing interests between the parties or when one of the parties believe that one of them is acting against them. Disagreeing individuals may base their conflicts with relation to culture, values, beliefs or experiences which drive their understanding. Therefore, Rahim refers to conflict as a process of interaction that is either manifested in incompatibility or disagreement between social entities (Rahim p.16).
Background Information
The history of the tension between these two countries is complicated. Ukraine, a nation that holds almost 50 million citizen finds it difficult to even find its freeway under the grips of the Soviet Union. Ukraine has not tasted the fruits of independence and democracy for over three centuries! The area was affiliated with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth at the beginning of the mid-1500s. The Poles inhabited Moscow when Russia faced a time of troubles. Ukraine suffered a lot of tribulations which made it difficult for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to have difficulty maintaining its super-power status. Then Ukraine faced a confusion and chaos from Europe, which was distracted at the time.
The period after World War I saw Russia collapse due to civil wars and a war with Poland, which took the status of Ukraine as a master of its destiny. According to Joseph Stalin, the wheat fields in Ukraine made the country`s position a valuable asset in the Soviet Union's geopolitical sphere of influence. The signing of the Budapest Memorandum led to Ukraine handing over all its nuclear weapons in 1994. Since then, Ukraine has struggled to hold its balance on democracy and culture through a series of protests and demonstrations which are a straddle on the political imbalance coerced by the Kremlin oligarchsCITATION Don14 \p "," \l 1033 (Donald ,
Thesis question: How the Kremlin’s influence on the Ukrainian political landscape has increased tension between the two countries?
The critical issue lies in Ukraine's desire to be free of the Soviet Union while Russia wants to readdress the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Russia made a statement of litigating the borders that have been dynamic in the past when they federalized the Republic of Crimea. After Viktor Yanukovych, the former Ukrainian president was exiled into Russia by the opposition for rejecting an economic deal with th...
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