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Echo, Echo by Jung-Rae Cho Coursework Assignment Paper (Coursework Sample)


Read the story "Echo,Echo " The writer is Jung-Rae Cho , just choose any three questions you want, 1 paragraph must be has 5 sentences.


Echo, Echo by Jung-Rae Cho
Date of submission
Echo, Echo by Jung-Rae Cho
Question 2
In the short story “Echo Echo” by Jung-Rae Cho, the narrator’s attitude towards his father changes from good, loving, to negative and angry, trusting and caring towards his father’s death. At the beginning of the story, the narrator sees his father as a knowledgeable person who is a hardworking person. He observed his father as a caring person whom besides taking all the responsibilities to ensure that his brother finished his study to be a public prosecutor, he took care of the family business. However, as the story unfolds after the older brother joined the ‘independence movement’ and was arrested in Japan, he began hating his father. He realized that his father was ignorant after telling Sang-sup Park to try and avoid flying bullets to be alright when he decided to join the army. He says, "I hadn't realized that my father was that ignorant…" person (Jung-Rae, n.d., pp.94-95). Towards, the end of the story, the narrator again has a positive attitude towards his father. He sees the father as a caring person who no matter all odds the family goes through, he works hard to save for the family, ready to correct his elder son who is normally stubborn (Jung-Rae, n.d., p.106).
Question 3
The life of an average Korean was mainly affected by numerous external forces which included the civil wars ( between North Korea, South Korea, Japan and Russia), climate ...
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