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Novel Analysis Assignemnt: Slavery Shareholding Equality (Essay Sample)


Hello i have ordered from you a theme essay about 2 weeks ago and you already probable know how crazy my instructor is with how she wants her MLF format. In this essay she wants us to start with an outline instead of the draft. i am taking this class online and i will post the whole folder she provided with information regarding the paper and other useful information for writing it. The instructor also provided us with an example with how she want the outline to look it.
Thank you so much.
here are some link she said "LIBGuide for Huck Finn Sources": http://libguides(dot)arc(dot)losrios(dot)edu/c.php?g=367123

* Introduction
* Slavery shareholding
* Equality
* Huck’s murder suspect
* Conclusion
Before and even after the civil war, the African Americas were considered more anima than human. At the time the element of slavery were rife (Twain). For the southern American states, slavery was an economic pillar. An aspect that most of the whites were not ready to lose even after the Emancipation Proclamation. After the civil war and the Emancipation Proclamation, the element of slavery in the society was much reduced and there seemed to be hope for African Americans, however the Jim Crow laws then plunged the country back into the dark ages (Dato). Ages that are referred to in the novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry by Mark Twain. First published in the year 1885, on December 10th, the novel offers some intriguing insights into the lives of the slaves and their owners along with perceptions in the society before the Civil War (Twain). This is a novel that can be classified as a satire as the author is satirical about the elements of racism and slavery. In the novel as such, the author comes out strongly on the issue of slavery, documenting the life of some of the slaves such as Jim and how they related with white such as Huck.
Thesis statement: In the novel, Mark Twain brings out a strong theme of racism and slavery.
Slavery Shareholding
The novel documents quite a number of characters that were stakeholders in the slave economy. These include Grangerford family, Miss Watson and Phelps family among others such as the duke and the king (Johnson). The king and duke are seen to turn a profit when they turn Jim to the Phelpses, from which they are paid for their service (Twain). This was a common element among the slave owners and a perception that had been ad...
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