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What Are The Water Pollutants? How Does It Spread? And How Can You Manage To Control? (Research Paper Sample)


MLA Style Format
Double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins all around. 10-12 pages
Sources: at least 7 peer-reviewed, up-to-date, scholarly sources from the library, including the library's subscription databases.
Focus: A focused argument essay should demonstrate your commitment to one issue. This issue should be controversial and your view of it open to discussion, though you must take a clear stance.
Development: You must show your thoughtfulness, genuine curiosity, and concern. In the best of circumstances, you may seek some sort of emotional response from your readers. But do not force it.
Research is meant to support your position and should not make up the better part of the paper.
Use quotations, paraphrases, and summaries from your sources wisely and effectively.
Research has to be documented in MLA style
Regardless of which type of information you use to develop your essay, it must be selected with an eye on how to best demonstrate to your audience that you are committed to the study of this issue.
Use appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos to appeal to your audience.
Avoid logical fallacies
You must begin with an appropriate introduction, at the end of which you state your thesis. A good introduction grabs the reader's attention, explains the controversy, and often establishes an organizational pattern for the remainder of the essay in its thesis statement.
Counterarguments should be explored and refuted in your first body paragraphs. Your paper should be ten to twelve pages long and, therefore, contain more than three body paragraphs.
An appropriate conclusion brings the essay to a close while strengthening it and bringing logical closure to the ideas presented in the essay.
I have a my autobibliographys ( professor didn't like my sources and gave me a C) and an essay I attached.
PLEASE FIX MY SOURCES/Use 7 peer reviewed up to date Scholarly Sources from the library database.


What are the water pollutants?
How does it spread? And how can you manage to control?
This research paper mainly focuses on the water pollution. Water pollution has been rampant in both developed and the developing countries. Water is the source of life and is what gives us the overview of life as a pleasing one. Water pollution is of different kind, caused by different things. According to research, industries are largely responsible in water pollution. Industries as well as waste majorly affect the hydrologic quality and as a result several side effects come with it. Several diseases have risen because of polluted water. However, this paper will also focus on the ways to manage the crisis
Water Pollution
The planet earth consists of the oceanic part and the part that is covered by land. Over two thirds of the earth is covered solely by water (Water, 2003). The rest is covered by land. This shows how the oceanic part is largely significant both to the people and the dependants of water for instance the aquatic life. As the earth population continues to grow, people are putting much pressure on the existing water mass. The inland waters are being squeezed in different ways, as a result pollution comes in when unwanted substances are triggered in. the human activities have been on the increase. These activities are largely run by water or water will take part in the process. Before nineteenth century people lived in harmony with the environment. With the introduction of industrial revolution, though they have greatly supported humans with better life, but have greatly been harm to the environment. One needs to know that with the increase in industrialization, the increase in water pollution comes with it. Developed countries have however been a subject to this pollution. In the ancient time when the population of people in the world was small, no one could ever believe that something like water pollution will be of great concern. At the moment, the world's population is on the increase since in every hour children are born. An increase in the population triggers the need to preserve the waters in the ocean and in the lake. Now what is water pollution? Water pollution is when something is ingested in the water bodies and the result part of it affects the aquatic life as well as the people present or those using it. Lakes oceans and seas as well as other inland water bodies, can naturally clean up the harmful substances. This is achieved by dispersing the chemical substance or any waste that has been ingested in the water bodies. For instance, when one takes a cup of ink and pours it in the sea waters, it will automatically be dispersed hence causing less harm. The ink will be their but the effect will not be experienced since it is less concentrated. In case where the chemical are triggered in the water bodies, the chemical are easily made less harmful but when a huge amount of chemical is ingested, the effects are experienced through death of aquatic life and rise of various dieses. Thus water pollution is all about the quantity of substance ingested in and how big is the water. A small toxic chemical will have less impact on the sea in case there is leakage but the same amount of toxic substance can lead to various harmful effects in case it is poured in a small lake. This research paper will mainly focus on the types of water pollution, the causes of water pollution, and the effects that come with polluted water, and ways to reduce water pollution
Types of water pollution
When people talk about water resources, mostly the major their mind on the huge oceans, lakes and seas. However you should note that these are sources water. We also have ground water. The most wide...

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