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Short Paper On State Of The Air: Philadelphia (Research Paper Sample)


Complete and submit a short paper - state of the air go to Research your local air quality specific to ozone and particulate matter. Follow the "health risk" links . Research "health effects of the ozone and particle pollution" and explain the physiological effects of the two types of pollutant on respiratory and cardiovascular


Short paper on state of the air: Philadelphia
Philadelphia is under an O-zone classification of F and particle pollution in an average of 24 hours classified as D. on an annual grid, its particle pollution records a pass. However, being a Grade F, its weighted average stands at 8.5 and the particle pollution within 24 hours being rated at 3.0 in weighted average and graded as D. Annually, it records a design value of 11.8 and therefore graded at Pass (, 2017). This means that those who live in Philadelphia like me our health could be at risk because of the air that we breathe. The American Lung Association’s (ALA) gives grades to the weights to specific days as the pollution of the air hits elevated levels to determine the weighted average. Different locations have different levels of pollution. This paper focuses on the O-zone and particle pollution in Philadelphia County in the state of Pennsylvania.
Health risks
ALA sounds, a warning to the people who suffer from Asthma, Bronchitis that is chronic and emphysema as being at a higher risk of getting more complications with their current condition, which include increased mortality rate. Statistics have it that in the Philadelphia’s population of 1,526,006, 32,761 suffer from paediatric asthma, 117,594 people have adult asthma, 20,494 have got emphysema and finally 49,215 suffer from chronic bronchitis (Ricci, 2012). According to studies, adults at the age of 65 are at a greater risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Hand in hand with these groups, ALA also asserts that those people that fall in the lower income category are also at a higher risk since they inhabit residences near the source of the pollution (Ricci, 2012).
Health effects of the ozone and particle pollution on respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.
According to American Lung Association (ALA), close to 10.8 million people including 2.5 million children suffering from asthma dwell in counties such as Philadelphia whose score for the last pollutant stood at F (, 2017). Additionally, over 7.1 million people suffering from cardiovascular diseases also dwell in the counties which recorded similar score of F for a minimum of one pollutant. There are a number of health effects in the human population that are attributed to ground-level ozone. It affects the normal functioning of the lungs, it also inflames the airways hence restricted breathing and final induces respiratory symptoms. The notable symptoms of these conditions is the coughing, irritation of the throat, burning sensation in the chest and the tightening of the chest hence pain is experienced by the patients. People get the exposure to ozone when they inhale the air that contains ozone. All these depend on minute ventilation which happens to be the amount of air one breathes per minute. In the ambient air the condition has a similarity in many locations. In the case of microenvironments for example in a residential place or in a car the concentration of ozone varies between 20% and 80% depending on the prevailing weather condition. For those people who do exercises outdoor have a very high chance of inhaling the impurities from the ozone as compared to ...
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