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Identify A Place: Understanding Some Geographical Themes (Essay Sample)


Geographic essay, but it is only the basics of the Geo, it's about introducing the weather and landforms.
Writer should tight the essay with the requirements from teacher, please finish it on time.


Identify a Location
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Identify a Place
Geography is very interesting as it gives us a chance to study about other regions. This expands our knowledge in understanding some geographical themes that are prevalent in other nations. We get to learn from these regions since we understand their way of living and the manner in which they solve some of the problems they face. I chose to identify China because it has many geographical themes that I have interest on. It has been categorized among the fast-growing nations across the world with a mighty economy. However, the country faces some challenges that are attributed to by the large population in the state. This paper will focus on some of the major themes in China and some of my interest in this region.
One theme that I know about China is that the country is among those with the largest population across the world. Population increase can be beneficial, and on the other hand, it also comes with some disadvantages that mainly affect our way of living. A high population is likely to benefit the state regarding improving the economy since the circulation of money is very high between the citizens. China enjoys surplus workers since they have some experts who contribute too much to their gross domestic product. Interestingly, because of this surplus, the state has been able to provide the work force to the developing nations especially on skilled labor like infrastructure. Apart from the advantages as mentioned above, the country faces some disadvantages that are brought about by this high increase in population. The large population has led to some environmental problems that remain a dilemma to the government of China when thinking of a better solution. One issue is that of air pollution. The country is facing air pollution that arises because of the many activities that are being carried out. Water has also been polluted leading to some health disorders among the public. This has forced the government to allocate more money to the health sector as a way of countering the situation.
Another theme that has been identified for this region is that of the economy. When we mention this word, questions that ring on our minds are like the standard

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